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a fair society?

Hong Kong is a fair society?

i haven't get no point.

Please,suggest some opinions for me.Urgent!


SORRY.I support HK is a fair society.

SO,why you suport?

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    Where it is fair,clean and honest,a person will get equal opportunity.Hong Kong is a fair,clean and honest society under the rule of law.The goovernment and the judiciary have tried to maintain these good qualities.In a fair society,everyone should be treated equally and should have equal opportunities for development.These are natural rights that come with our birth and which are protected by law.Apart from educating the public about the adverse consequences of discrimination through promotional campaigns,the government also provides various social services,such as education,social security,housing and medical services,to ensure that everyone is provided with an equal opportunity for development.

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    Hong Kong is NOT a fair society! We cannot even elect our own Governor! If any of our legislator does not kowtow to Beijing, he cannot even go to China. Hong Kong is actually governed by a bunch of brown-nosers!

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    No! Hong Kong is NOT a fair society! If you think otherwise, you really have NO points!

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