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    1.The Examination

    Mr. Snowden undressed for the doctor's examination. "I am going to press on various parts of your body," said the doctor. "Tell me if it hurts or not." The doctor prodded until he found a sensitive spot. "How long has it hurt you there?" inquired the doctor. "Approximately three months. But it really doesn't hurt much." "According to my X rays, lab reports, and my examination I think we'll have to operate." "Oh,no!" moaned Mr. Snowden. "There's nothing to worry about," declared the doctor, "With our modern anes thetics and know-how, it won't hurt a bit." "How much will the operation cost?" "With the hospitalization and my fee─about fifteen hundred dollars." Mr. Snowden groaned, "Now, that really hurts!"


    2.The Unconcerned Husband

    Marge often burned with anger because her husband Elmer seemed to ignore her. "How do you like my new hat?" asked Marge proudly. "Uh huh … It's all right." "Do't you think my new dress is cute?" "It'll do." "Do you think the white shoes will go with it?" "Oh, I guess so." "Do you think the shell necklace clashes with the blouse?" "It's O.K." "Why don't you put down the newspaper,dear?" Marge hissed through clenched teeth. "In a few minutes." "Do you mind if I season your supper tonight with arsenic?" "Whatever you wish, dear."

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