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    Friends: The One Where No One's Ready

    Season: 3

    Episode: 2

    First Aired: 9/26/1996


    Everyone is in Rachel and Monica's apartment except for Phoebe. They are getting ready for an important event at the museum where Ross is going to do a speech. However, Ross is the only one ready and he tries to make everyone hurry up as they have under a half-hour before they have to go.

    Rachel is trying to figure out what to wear. Phoebe enters the apartment ready to go. Chandler comes out from the bathroom and Joey is sitting in the chair that Chandler was sitting in before. Chandler tells him to get up, but he doesn't want to.

    Monica comes out of her room and checks the messages in the answering machine. There is a message from Richard, but she does not know whether the message is old or new and wonders whether she should call him even though the two of them had agreed not to talk to each other. Ross tells her just to get ready.

    Chandler is still trying to get his chair back, but while arguing about it, Joey accidentally flings some humus on Phoebe's dress. Phoebe gets upset and Rachel suggests that Phoebe should borrow something from her or Monica.

    Meanwhile, Monica sends a message to Richard wondering about the message he had sent her. She knows the code to Richard's answering machine and decides to play her message back to the others because she is worried it might not be breezy enough. She finds that there is also a message from a woman in his machine, who says that she had a fun time yesterday. Monica is shocked as she thinks that Richard has a girlfriend, but Chandler says that it is probably Richard's daughter, Michelle.

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