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Did I break any law? (kinda weird n long)?

my friend who is like a brother is dating this woman online.I think she is full of herself,she has refused to meet him 3 times and he has sent her oodles of money.

She claims to have 2 brothers who live with her."Tom and Bob" well I told my brother that she is fake but he won't believe me.I found "Bobs" myspace page and made a page of my own and asked "Bob" a few questions about his sister "Jane" if she was really his sister,I know it was "bobs" page cause I seen a family picture on his myspace with him and "jane" in the pic but "jane" looked like his mother,and under the caption it says "My Mommie" and the woman looked 20 yrs older than the pics she's sent my brother.So I emailed "Bob" through myspace and asked him if "Jane" is his mom or what and included a little info that he told my brother and her ph # to let him know it wasn't a joke or prank question is,did I break the law? cause when "jane" finds out I think she will flip out and go mental..I just wanted to protect my brother.


and this "jane" woman calls my house cause my brother lives with me so it's not like I didn't have her number before.

Update 2:

he's not dumb but he truly thinks he is in love.I told him this woman is nutty,like when he does not call her,right when he gets home from work,she starts calling him every 10 minutes leaving desperate messages.I just know that when she finds out about the email I set her so called brother,she will call the police and try and get me arrested,She is NUTS.she claims to be in hiding from her ex and under protective custody and that's why her name is different on the caller id than what name she told him and that the military changed her personal information and her face..she's weird.I want to help him out of this.

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    Nope. It doesn't sound like you broke the law. It does sound like she has some major mental health issues. (Big red flag when people claim to be "hiding" from someone else and "under protective custody." In the VERY unlikely event that someone is actually in hiding, they do NOT disclose this information! It kinda defeats the whole purpose.)

    Your brother might be in love, but he's darn sure acting like an idiot if he believes the stuff she's telling him. The military changed her information and her face? Puhleeze!

    Have you done an Intelius search on her? It's fairly inexpensive, and you can get an electronic background check done very quickly. If you can afford to shell out a few hundred to $500 or so, maybe you should hire a private detective to prepare a report on her. Your brother sounds like he needs a realty check in the worst way!

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    Just dont do it again its inconsiderate. Dont worry about it... its a joke when it comes to the courts... If I read right you are worried about volunteering someones number? I highly doubt it would be an issue because peoples numbers are in the phone book in every desk across the world. Now, if you handed out her bank information or social security number, that might be a whole new hot tamale (or mike and ike, if you're an aussie) (with kindness and respectful humor to our friends down there)

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    You broke no laws. But the real issue here is your brother. He needs to wake up and smell the **** Honey & Ice Tea. "Jane" is really shoveling it. He will end up sucked dry and mental drained if he doesn't get help with this situation soon.

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    Sounds like a bad situation, but no law breaking going on. Not by you anyway.

    I think your friend is getting scammed, but you might have to let him find out for himsellf. Maybe you can at least convince him to stop sending her money. She might just lose interest then.

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    no you didn't break the law, i would have so done the same thing, shes a scam and no offense but your "bro" must be pretty dense or desperate to send her money.

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    This is not against the law. You are OK. It was just investigating.

    ~The Helper ~

  • no you didnt break the law

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    I don't believe you did.

    You should check it out somewhere.

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    Wtf law would have broken? There is no law against lying to deceiving.

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