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i ejaculate alot/too much..... knee pain bladder pain stomach pain?

hello im 19 years old and i have been ejaculating ever since i was 15. and from 15 up until 18 i ejaculated mostly everyday or atleast every other day... now its 3 times a week... and now i have aot of pains like bladder pain stomach pain and ive gotten so skinny... and also i get sick after ejculating now.... so my question is- is all this happening bcause of ejacultating? and will i not be abe to father children later on in life? and will i not erect anymore?

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    Go to the doctor. Sounds like something serious is happening with you. I don't think ejaculating has anything to do with it~ya you need to make an appointment like yesterday.

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    Why are you asking complete strangers. Go to a doctor. If your embarrassed about telling a doctor this happens to you after you jerk off then tell him it happens to you after you have sex.

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