what was the importance of ignatius of loyola during the Renaissance? ?

simply put, i can only find out something about the "counter-refermation" what is that???? help please with the explanations

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    Ignatius founded the Society of Jesus,better known as the Jesuits,in 1540.Calling themselves 'the foot soldiers of the Pope' Jesuit priests took 3 vows - poverty,chastity,and absolute direct obedience to the Pope.

    Because of the Protestant Reformation in Europe in the early 16th century,the Catholic church was worried that more and more people would become Protestant.The Pope used the Jesuits as the spearhead of the Counter Reformation,an attempt to stop more states becoming Protestant,to reconvert new Protestants back to Catholicism,and to act positively to spread Catholicism to new areas and countries.On the whole,the Counter Reformation was very successful,and Loyola and his Jesuits got much credit for this.The Jesuits gained great power because they had direct access to the Pope,and became very influential overseas,particularly in China and Japan.

    Loyola was seen as so important to the Catholic church and the Counter Reformation that he was made a saint after his death.

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    The first answer is right if you're talking about religious history.

    In a scientific sense, the Jesuits (founded by St. Ignatious Loyola) were important because they stressed reason and observation over dogma--for example, they maintained an observatory in Prague. Also, they travelled to China to attempt to converrt the Chinese and had a big impact on that country and also brought back a lot of Chinese technology and learning for Europe.

    In attempting to convert people, they took the approach of learning about their culture and trying to fit Christianity into the culture rather than superimposing it on the culture. In doing that, they learned a lot about cultures in South America, China and other areas.

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