This is for all you people who hate marijuana.....?

This question is for all you people who hate marijauna with a passion, especially to the angry. Why do you people hate marijuana users so much? What harm can marijuana bring? Do not answer my question"s" with stupid answers like, "It kills brain cells and makes you stupid" or "Becuase it's illegal and unsafe." I counter these stupid answers by saying alcohol and cigarettes also kills brain cells. I understand that pot can make you slow in thinking in the long run but those effects are for people who use them everyday and every hour for years and years, and it is not a permanent effect. I do not condone marijuana use for children and I understand parents dont want kids to use marijuana becuase it's a "gateway drug" but isnt alcohol a gateway to drugs? I understand it's illegal but wouldnt legalizing marijuana make the world a safer place? Good example is prohibition with alcohol. I know quite a few Police Officers who think marijuana is not so bad and should be legalized. Is it because you people who never smoked marijuana just assume it's a bad thing becuase it is labled as a "drug"? Marijuana is nothing like Heroin, Crack, Meth, Ecstacy or whatever hard drugs that are out there. Criminals don't mug innocent citizens just to get a fix on marijuana. How is it dangerous? Alcohol is much more dangerous than smoking marijuana. More people get killed in drunk driving than people who are high on pot. Cigarettes kill more people than pot smokers. You can also use vaporizers with marijuana which is a healthier alternative to your lungs. Even cheeseburgers and frenchfries can cause heart disease and obesity which can ultimately lead to death. Marijuana is not for people of low stature and scumbags. How do I know you say? I, myself is a well respected person who is well eduacated with a masters degree from USC, not to sound arrogant but just trying to make a point. I may be wrong but i'm pretty sure most of you people who are hateful towards marijuana users are Michael Phelps fans. Well Mr. Phelps admitted using marijuana not too long ago, and in fact used it a few months after the Olympics. Do you hate him now? Even well respected celebrities and polticians use it once in a while. So with all this presented can you tell me why this "MEDICINAL HERB" is soo evil? I demand answers with real logics behind it with hard facts. I know all my facts but do you? No ignorant type answers!!


a_corsi2005 are you a retard or something? no one answered my questions because i just posted it like one minute ago. And how is marijuana for highschool when teachers and advisors advise against it? I bet your a 45 year old who makes $5 an hr at a local fast food resturuant huh.

Update 2:

asdf how am I contradicting myself? Of course I have made up my mind but the question I posted here was for those who were against marijuana and all I just wanted was to get their opinions. And also isnt yahoo answers a place to ask questions and be heard?

Update 3:

And one more thing to asdf how is it a ignorant decision to legalise marijuana? This is why I posted this question so I can try to understand the points of views like yours. Is it becuase my question is too hard for you to answer that you answered back with a simpleminded way?

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    "I understand that pot can make you slow in thinking in the long run but those effects are for people who use them everyday and every hour for years and years, and it is not a permanent effect." Are you even listening to yourself? idk, maybe I'm just an idiot but I'm pretty sure you just contradicted yourself, but what do I know..

    Personally, I really don't think you care what people on here have to say on here because you have already made up you mind (regardless of it being right or wrong), and you just simply want to be heard and hope that everyone will jump on the band wagon

    I don't hate marijuana, but I certainly don't think it should be legalized, that just seems like a very "ignorant" decision ;)


    if you read what I quoted (what YOU typed) that actualy is a contraditiction, and I didn't not argue my statement becuase "I really don't think you care what people on here have to say on here because you have already made up your mind (regardless of it being right or wrong), and you just simply want to be heard and hope that everyone will jump on the band wagon " becuase you have already ruled out a lot of legiment answers by declaring them as 'ignorant'.

    Do you see what I'm getting at?

    but, if you really do want an answer here it goes,

    this may sound "ignorant", but marijuana does makes you stupid, and if you smoke it for the rest of your life you WILL permanetly be stupid.

    For example> say it becomes the new trend, say it becomes like the new Myspace or Starbucks, you know just completely trendy, and everyone is doing it like "omg, I just like absolutly have to smoke a bleezy like right now! :O" there would be so many dumbass's around not doing sh*t (and can you imagine the chaos those people would be causing by the things that they would be doing? like maybe they forgot to look both ways before crossing the street and got hit by a car and the person in the car would be the one who gets charged for it because the pedestrian always has the right away, even though there was absolutly no way for the car person to stop once they're going that fast :/). sure I guess the peace and all that hippy love crap would increase but your worth as a human being would have decreased just as much, not to mention the worth of this country, being a world leader and all, I would not want to put my country's reputation at stake by passing some silly law.

    However, I think it's fine if you really need it for medicinal use (you're not doin sh*t anyways), if you are still in high school or college, or if you are hella old and have nothing else to look foward to, but I don't think we should be encouraging it as a country.

    That's my view atleast.

    but hey, you never know maybe if it was legalized under specific rules, it could get the economy moving again, and stop crime! but you never know it could very well do the opposite too :/

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  • 4 years ago

    1) Tobacco smokers are using a substance that is only allowed because the government makes massive profit off of it. If marijuana wasn't able to be grown by any random person, the government would surely utilize it to make their OWN money. 2) Everybody knows pot isn't healthy for you. Even pot smokers. Nicotine is just as harmful, and the substances added into a regular cigarette are MUCH more harmful than home grown marijuana. 3) No they're not, they're probably only arrogant and rude to people like you who are arrogant / rude to them first. 4) Not at all, good try though. 5) No they're not ? ahah, I've got PLENTY of friends who don't smoke weed and are up for it being legalized. Try banning cigarettes first, then move onto weed, since the things mixed it cigarettes are much more harmful. 6) Maybe you should ignore this mass media and complain less about it? Just for the record, I do not smoke pot. So, there goes your #5, eh? Good attempt though =] it's alright kiddo, you'll win someday. I find it almost amusing that you say 'or shot in the head'. Seriously, go back to grade 5 or something, aha, if you're really immature enough to say that about another human being for something that's their own choice. And you call pot smokers rude?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You're right. Marijuana is almost completely harmless. You cannot even die from marijuana. The dosage of marijuana required for an overdose is 15000 pounds, smoked in one hour. That isn't even possible. And yes, it should be legalized, but regulated by the government. It would shut up the people who go on about the so called 'gateway drug' theory because it would separate the marijuana market from the hard drug market. It would also ease alot of prison congestion and make room for actual criminals, instead of harmless pot smokers.

    Source(s): Common sense.
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  • 1 decade ago

    It's really a political call. No elected lawmaker wants to be known as one who supports M reform. It is political suicide. Culturally, our society tries to take the noble road against all mind altering drugs, but in practical terms, people will get what they want. Some of us think it should be legalized, regulated, packaged and taxed to take the criminal element away, like alcohol is. The drug lords south of the border would be out of business, and the crime would go way down. Then the cops and courts could work on real crimes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The only ill effects of marijuana (based on my experience) is that it makes me pretty lazy and it makes me over eat. Otherwise, it's rather harmless and it should not be categorized with hard drugs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I somewhat agree with you about this. for me its not that i `hate them or it` i`m allergic to it. it is an herb. in large quantities it can kill the user. think of nightshade, its an herb. used right it can be beneficial, used wrong, it will most certainly kill. i think that more research is needed on most things including this.

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  • 1 decade ago

    as long as i am not doing marijuana or anyone i know is i am fine with people doing marijuana, if they wanna hurt themselves, go ahead


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  • 1 decade ago

    do you know why no know one has answered your question it is because no one wants to read a story and I think smoking it is dumb b/c it is high schol ****.. but thanks

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