duck egg Vs chicken egg? Which is better from health point of view?

Today I bought some duck eggs (Cooked salted) from farmers market. I am not sure how good it is for health and just thought of giving it a try.

The taste of york was awful. York was semi-solid orange colored (seemed uncooked)

Age: 27 year, Height: 5ft 7 in, Weight: 150 lb weight

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    Congrats to you for getting a duck egg down! I tried one once and I vowed never again to eat those!

    Well - here is what the USDA says about Duck and Chicken eggs. The duck egg is a bit larger than the extra-large chicken egg used for comparison:


    Duck: 130

    Chicken: 80


    Duck: 9.64 grams

    Chicken: 5.57 grams


    Duck: 619 mg (OMG!)

    Chicken 237 mg


    Duck: 8.9 grams

    Chicken: 7.4 grams

    Well - I just listed a few of the nutrients that we usually use to compare food. But man - look at the cholesterol in one of those! That is more than twice the RDA value for cholesterol (RDA is 300 mg a day)

    OK - the chicken egg wins in both taste and nutrition!


    Source(s): USDA Food Value Database:
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    Duck Egg Vs Chicken Egg

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    Yolk itself is high in cholesterol period. However the egg white was probably o.k.(I don't like hard boiled eggs at all)

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