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What is the purpose of the Federal Communications Commission?

yes wat is the purpose?

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    FCC is charged with regulating all non-federal government use of the radio spectrum (including radio and television broadcasting), and all interstate telecommunications (wire, satellite and cable) as well as all international communications that originate or terminate in the United States.

    For example, Your local cable company would check for and fix CLI leaks according FCC rules. CLI leaks can cause problems not only for your cable tv picture but can cause problems with police, fire, and aviation radios.

    Source(s): Former Communciation Tech for Comcast Cable.
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    The president can seek for to overturn the law by using an act of Congress. And Congress can amend the statute. yet as I bear in mind the FCC is an autonomous business enterprise of the U. S. government.

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    to control everything we see and hear.

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