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How to strip down OS X for Mac?

My MacBook Pro seems to be slowing down. Anybody have good tips or tricks for stripping down system X and speeding it back up?


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    Few things:

    you can buy more RAM, which increases your speed

    you can do little hacks to your mac to speed it up

    you can download some applications to provide more hard drive space:

    Xslimmer: unless you plan on learning Japanese any time soon, you can delete languages in applications that come pre-installed.

    CleanMyMac: want to get rid of languages, cashes, and other info that just takes up space? This app makes it easy

    OnyX: advanced user and want to clean internet files, cashes, and find little hacks to improve mac speed? OnyX is the way to go

    Secrets: want hacks to speed things you like flash online? Secrets will find them.

    Need help? feel free to contact me

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