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Help with essay regarding the U.S economy?

Hey everyone! I have an essay based on a current event (I chose the financial crisis in the United States) that describes the dilemma of making a choice from among several good solutions regarding the issue.

What have been some solutions suggested by the U.S government in regards to the financial crisis? What choice, ultimately, has been choosen to help with the financial crisis?

Some solutions I remember have been made to help with the financial crisis in the U.S.A have been:

- Bailout for big coorporations (eg. Ford & Chrysler)

- Tax Cuts

- Loans from Banks

... WHAT ELSE???

And what is the overall solution? Thanks!!!

Thanks in advance!


Obama has not worstened the economy in any way, and I don't believe he will whatsoever. So many Americans have hope in him, and he will sure do a better job in a year, than Bush has done in 8 years. So any Obama comments, please refrain yourself!

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    1. Jumpstart the Economy

    2. Provide Middle Class Americans Tax Relief

    3. Fight for Fair Trade

    4. Invest in the Manufacturing Sector and Create 5 Million New Green Jobs

    5. New Jobs Through National Infrastructure Investment

    6. Technology, Innovation and Creating Jobs

    7. Support Small Business

    8. Ensure Freedom to Unionize

    9. Protect Homeownership and Crack Down on Mortgage Fraud

    10. Address Predatory Credit Card Practices

    11. Reform Bankruptcy Laws

    12. Work/Family Balance

    To learn more about each plan visit the link below and it will give you an overview of Obama's plan. Good luck on your paper and I'm sure you will pass.

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    Uh, NO choice has been chosen, yet. We won't know what will be done until a bill lands on Obama's desk. If you need it to be a done deal, you need to choose something else.

    As for other solutions, you've missed the biggies:

    Massive investment (which will require buying goods, and hiring people, most of which to be used to improve infrastructure).

    Reregulation of economic institutions so they can't do the same dumb, bad stuff all over again.

    Dunno what you mean by "loans from banks" -- we're in effect lending TO banks.

    Another is to have lenders renegotiate mortgages -- giving them less usurious interest rates, and re-evaluating the worth of the properties in more realistic terms.

    Of course, we don't know what will happen, what will be tried, and whether anything will work.

    I've read, from economists I respect (claimer: I'm NOT an expert in economics), that we need much more massive spending than is being proposed -- on the order of gearing up for WWII-sized spending, to really bring it around.

    What you might look into, instead, is what other countries have done for this crisis -- they didn't have a lame duck leader, and moved much more quickly. Since it's a worldwide crisis, seeing what others have done, and whether it's helped might be a better way to go.

    Or picking something from the past.

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    Obama has just helped pass an 800 billion dollar plan that will invest money into different sectors of the economy. You should definately talk about the issue of pork barrel spending. Its a very big issue. Basically it when a politician will only vote for a bill if money is given to other projects. So they basically sell their vote. The first bank bail took so long because of this. For example 2 million was given to childrens toy arrows, which oviously has nothing to do with failing banks. Also even if you don't mention it you should research capitalism vs. socialism. The capitalists are the right wing republicans while liberals tend to be more socialist. Just like how there are different political parties, there are many different theories of economy.

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    This should be your title

    "Obama worsening the economy"

    Then state all the reasons in which you believe Obama will fail America.

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