Nurses or Docs do you have any medical horror stories?

Last night a friend and I where having dinner. She works at a women's clinic and was telling me some horror stories. For example, she said a patient came in once because her ******** had a horrible odor. Apparently the patient had gone to a rave ( A type of party) and had taken some drugs so she wasn't sure what had transpired. Well when the doctor examined her she pulled out a rat from her ********. I couldn't believe it but, my friend said she had to be the nurse to assist the doc.

Those of you who work in a medical setting. Do you have any horror stories you can share? I'm interested in hearing more.



Teresa K, I did not ask you to give me the patients name, address, phone number etc. read my question you psycho!

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    That's disgusting!!!!!!!!! I work in the Ear nose and Throat ward so I don't get to see cases like that luckily. The strangest thing I've ever had to do was remove a screw lodged inside a 5 year olds nasal passage.

    Source(s): ENT nurse
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    we don't always call them horror stories, but, I've seen some very large objects removed from orifices, sometimes in parts. You always hear about the gerbils and lightbulbs up there. And yeah it does happen, but, then they get a colostomy to have their bowel empty into a pouch that attaches to their abdomen temporarily or permanently. Have seen limbs degloved to the bone, avulsed, meat grinder, self inflicted gunshots to the face and they survive, morbid obesity, nec fascitis,hangings, stabbings and car/motorcycle accidents, multiple injuries, construction accidents, falls from 3 story buildings with pelvic/femur/tibia/heel fractures when they land on their feet. seasonal injuries, snowblowers or lawn mowers or chain saws. eye injuries, chest injuries. burns. sadly, these are daily occurrences in many emergency rooms. for lack of safety or not following directions or just plain ignorance. most of above involved alcohol and drugs or carelessness.

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    i've got had greater sturdy success than undesirable success with militia well-being care.. i assume the greater severe difficulty that's got here approximately in 28 years of being coated by skill of energetic accountability coverage, first under my dad, then being militia myself and now being married, is that my daughter sustained a techniques harm while the ultrasound tech misread a chain of ultrasounds whilst i became pregnant. as a effect, i've got discovered to be assertive while searching for care. I no longer pass by skill of what somebody advised me on the telephone.. I consistently pass into clinics to speak to a heat physique. If i'm no longer pleased with what one clinician tells me, i've got discovered to hire the chain of command till my concerns are addressed. there is often somebody who can assist you to.. you purely would desire to locate that individual. The gadget could be somewhat problematic, yet having experienced civilian care completely for the final 2 years, i could lots somewhat pass back to Balboa.. a minimum of there i comprehend what buttons to press to get what i desire!!!

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    I work at an Assisted Living facility and we have a podiatrist come in to cut toenails. Well, when he showed up all residents were in the diningroom eating lunch. He went right around clipping nails while they were eating. GROSS!!!!!!

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    there's this little law called HIPPA. It is a federal violation of the privacy act to disclose health information unless it pertains to medical information related directly to that patient. Like the doctors, nurses, health insurance. Not you.

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