Are there such a thing as ghosts?

Ok, I know this probably sounds like a crazy question, but hear me out. I need advise on what Christians views are on this matter? It's a pretty touchy subject for me. I'm really in between, I'm a christian, and my friends think I'm crazy for even thinking about it. They all think It's demons and stuff like that, and should not be messed with, Which really upsets me, because as a child growing up I had to deal with several occurrences with the paranormal, some were really good, I sensed that, and some were horrible.I also saw what appeared to be a white mass suspended over my parents dining room table it was around 1:00pm about 15 years ago, my mom was also a wittness to this . Of course I had to touch it, and it was amazing, like what they say about what your supposed to feel, the ice cold, the hair standing on end, the goose bumps , and I got an extremely loving feeling that touched me which brought tears to my eyes. This was the only positive experience with the paranormal I had though. My uncle died that year, and he was really attached to the house, and was my dads best friend. I guess my question is really this, is it ok to be a christian and still believe in ghosts? My pastor does not think It's ok. Are there any christians out there that have had these same kinda experience's? It would be wonderful to hear from you. We live in such an amazing world, and universe, with an amazing God, I feel that there is just so much out there that we can not explain. I thank you so much for all your answeres.... God Bless


Wow, thanks for all your answere's I hope there's more to come. Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories with me.

Update 2:

Thanks alyssa, and thanks dobby...Many Blessings to you both

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    Hello Piper,

    First of all I respect everyones opinions on this matter, but, I think that some things are better left alone, if you're not sure what to think, the devil can use disguises to fool the weak ones, and he can manifest in different forms and styles, so he can fool you by disguising himself as a "ghosts" to play with people's minds, the bible says that man shall only die one time and than judgement. If you're a christian, than you probably know this already. Read the bible, pray and ask God to give you guidance and understanding of such things, so you don't get more confused thinking about it and listening to everyone's opinion. One thing is for sure though, and it is that we are not alone and if you read the book of Galatians, I think chapter 12, it will tell you what we're fighting against. And remember good always beats evil! God Bless you and I hope that this can help a little.

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    Well I can't say no, however I'm positively sure, and heres why. Ghosts are known as paranornal spirits of the dead who've lost their way. Now consider that this is not scientific. Honestly if the mythical ghost was replaced by the mythical transparent unicorns, people would be saying they saw magical transparent unicorns. You see most people are mistaken when seeing ghosts and spirits and such. People who hunt ghosts make tons of money off the public, its a scam and people follow its ideals ignorantly, and most people who do have biblical beliefs. Which is why I think they're delusional. Sure a good scare is good once in a while. But this is reality, not a fairytale.

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    Hey. I hope this will make you pick as a best answer.

    Life occurs, by thinking twice, and having second chances. The possibilities, and stories people come up with are endless, and situations and problems are also endless. But coming to Christianity and Ghosts. I'm a Christian, but I do not want to comment whether I believe in ghosts or not. The stories, and the videos people use, are either a photoshop or actually real, but you cannot judge that with a statement unless you have proof of it, for real.

    On the other hand, you have other things. People thought Santa Claus was real, but he wasn't. I believe in God, but some people do not, and some people believe in different sources of God. You can't tell whether the whole witness is cycological. But God made us for who we are, and to grow up thinking mysterious thoughts, and evaluating our question until our death. We will not know, whether God is real (But I still believe in him) until we die. We won't know whether... Henry 1VV really did play tennis. We don't know, that the Muslims were right.

    This is my story. We cannot, and simply cannot, tell whether these thoughts and cycological stories are real. Mythyical things; Vampires also have a distraught feeling to the world. When people grow up, someitmes they have long 'fang' teeth, or they are pale with very dark eyes, therefore they would like to be known as a vampire, although they are not, they are human. But we cannot tell, whether there are Vampires in other planets. We don't know, that there are witches on other planets, or any other Mythological creature. Our human mind, and our ability to witness things, gives us a smart, yet curious idea.

    So the answer to your question: Nobody knows until we die.

    Thanks for reading this, and I hope I helped to please your satisfaction.


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    I know where you're coming from. I used to be obsessed with shows like A Haunting, Psychic Challenge, Ghost Hunters, Lisa Williams, Sylvia Browne...ETC.

    Basically, after a recent experience, and researching, I've finally came to one conclusion. I do NOT think that when people die, they wander the Earth. Absolutely not. Once you take your last breath on Earth, you take your first breath in Heaven, where you are judged before God. Period.

    I know this may sound redundant to you, honey, but paranormal activity DOES exists; however, it doesn't come from a good place, you know? Satan allows his demons to manipulate us into thinking we're encountering something "good;" when in reality, he's just luring us into something evil. Satan can disguise himself as anything he wants, and then try to gain control over our lives, where we'll actually become obsessed with it. We'll chase so hard after lost loved ones, that we actually lose our own lives in the midst of it all.

    A family friend of mine died a few months ago. Weird activity was happening (not evil). Pictures were popping up out of nowhere, toys were going off. Funny noises were happening. Eventually, my family was so amused and pleased that we were being contacted by our lost friend, we started surrounding our entire lives over it. Then, once we gave in to SATAN's works, our family started going downhill from there. Scary things then started happening. We started seeing things that weren't there (and they were scary to us).

    Thankfully, we got out of the situation, and never to go back again. Honey, I'm not trying to burst your bubble, but please, be careful. I guess sometimes, though, we need to experience things for ourselves. Best of luck, hun <3.


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    Some believe that reports of personal experiences with ghosts are the result of confusion, fear or hallucinations, while depth psychology tends to ascribe it greater significance relating to the unconscious or collective unconscious. A poll conducted in 2003 showed that more than half of adults in the United States believe in ghosts and/or demons.

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    Okay Piper im pretty sure there are other people who are christians who have seen paranormal things.Although i do not believe in this myself.I can't say for sure.If i were you though i wouldn't do anything like try to communicate with it.Thanks for the question I hope it helps!

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    Ghost are they whom have unfinshed or are hanging on to something within the world of the living. Or have died a in a vilent death. They finding more and more things with the world that we have not seeing and finding before.

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    Spirits of devils to deceive, Yes!

    1Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

    Revelation 16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

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    ghost are with the devil so you cant believe in it if you believe in god. spirits ove satin capture you and make you turn on their side...but if you pray to god and be a great christains...those demons/ghost cant do anything...they dissapear and bother other christains.....demons only bother christains and people of god

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    whatever you believe doesn't have to be right or wrong just cuz a religion tells u to or not to.... i personally believe in ghosts and i had many experiances with them.... also in my opinion religion isnt always right and there's lots of bullshit in any religion......

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