Who finds fake breasts attractive?

It really scares me how popular breast implants are. They are fake, and feel disgusting (two people in my family have them...they feel like rocks!). So many trashy shows on T.V. are filled with actresses with fake balloon breasts, it is horrible!! It is shocking to me how women will mutilate themselves in order to impress men and "get noticed". For me, it would be truly embarrassing to get this surgery done, knowing the risks, just to have bigger breasts. How self-conscious and mindless must you be? I have small breasts...they are A/B cup..and i love them! I would never dream of making them bigger. I get lots of attention from guys nevertheless...which makes me wonder why people think that flatter chested girls are ignored. Also, every guy I have talked to says that fake breasts are gross and unattractive. Its like advertising your insecurity...so sad. I just really don't understand why so many women get them..it seems wrong to insert something so fake and man-made into perfectly small breasts! Does everyone agree with me?


Jealous of fake breasts? Don't make me laugh. How can you be jealous of something that is fake?

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    Some women get carried away with their choices in this,and some pay a big price and not just in money,sometimes this operation goes bad.I like Natural breasts and I do like large breasts,but it's not a necessary thing,I have been with small breasted woman to and found that some small breasted woman can be more exciting to be with than some large breasted women.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Grab a stopwatch and click this linky:


    Now tell me how long it took before you actually looked at this woman's face who is actually quite attractive, and still would have that gorgeous face without the implants. Whether it was .5 seconds or 50 seconds the fact remains that you very likely saw her boobs first.

    I have found that the people who vocally express their discontentment with fake breasts the most are either the women who can't afford them with a common response of, "I love my A/B cup boobs and so does my boyfriend". Or the men who can't have sex with the women who have them, having a common response of, "I love my girlfriend's small perky boobs".

    It's tough to argue when actual numbers are presented, and the billion dollar industry that is breast augmentation would argue that both men and women LOVE fake ****. So the answer to your question is, "Just about everyone." The people that claim otherwise, even if genuine, are in the minority.

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    I really don't care if someones breasts are fake or not. I'm really not going to judge someone just because they got a little enhancement done. So many people have different reasons for getting any sort of plastic surgery. Some do it so people will like them and guys will look at them (which I think is slightly sad and for me, not the right reason) but then there are others who do it because they always hated that part about themselves and they want to stop hating their selves and they want to use plastic surgery as an opportunity to finally like themselves.

    For me, I've always hated my nose since I was young, my mom said she always heard me complaining about my nose even when I was five (I think I broke it when I was young because my idiot of an uncle tripped me), I wanted to get rhinoplasty since I was like...ten and I'm still having plans to do it when I'm 18. I'm not doing it for anybody else but myself, I want to make me happy again and not have to annoy my friends with my whining and complaining. If people don't like my decision, I really don't give a crap because it's my body and I can do whatever the hell I want with it.

    Same goes for other girls. Some girls can actually pull off fake breasts and it can actually look nice. I sometimes I find it ridiculous when they do it so drastically like they were an A Cup and now they're going to like a DDD cup (seriously, I know people who did that before) and these are girls I know who are extremely thin. But some of my mom's friend's got less drastic surgery and went from say a B cup to a C cup or maybe even a small D (they got this including a breast lift) and if they hadn't told me about their little surgery I probably wouldn't have really noticed such a huge difference and they look pretty damn good and they feel good because it was something they did for themselves. My mom's friend personally wanted me to feel them (we're a weird bunch) and maybe I'm an idiot but they didn't feel hard at all - firm yes but not like rocks.

    Alright so what I'm saying is, I don't care what someone does with their breasts or their body in general. They can tweak, enhance, reduce, fix, whatever they want with their body. I just hope that the people that do this really think about it for a long time and it doesn't just because a spur of the moment thing and also that they do it for themselves.

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      This was an awesome response. It is genuine, unbiased, realistic, and honest. And I bet the poster is too.

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    I definitely agree with you! This society is so obsessed with being 'perfect'. Cosmetic surgery used to only be for the rich and famous, but now more regular people are paying money to get nose jobs and breast implants. Millions of women are getting diagnosed with eating disorders. And it gets worse with each passing year.

    People automatically judge others by their looks. I hope that one day that will change.

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  • Faith
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    4 years ago

    Natural is best, of course, and the bigger the better, but some implants look terrible, no matter what their size. On the other hand, I've seen some implants that look entirely natural (those surgeons are true artists). If I had a choice, size being equal, I would go for the natural breasts every time. (Boob man, and proud of it.)

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    1 decade ago

    I think they are terrible. Some woman can pull them off but most of the time they look fake and huge and unrealistic. plus they look even worse when the woman gets older and still has them in! It's just too unnatural!

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    i totally agree with you, im a A/B cup too and i have no problem with it. Its just that the media these days makes girls who are different want to change themselves and look like everyone else. People need to accept who they are and what they look like. Getting fake implants just tells people who are unhappy with what you look like. i agree 100% with you.

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      By this logic then you are also saying:
      "I wear makeup because I don't like my face."
      "I wear heels because I feel I am too short."
      "I color my hair because my natural color is too boring".

      My response actually validates your thoughts on the media's projection of acceptable beauty.

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    1 decade ago

    This is the plastic surgery era

    Its just because its "popular" to be a fake barbie doll

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    i have an a/b cup n im happy with it...if i had dd id walk around naked 24/7. lol.

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    1 decade ago

    I bet you have really small boobs and are just jealous because you would need a loan, or put them on layaway before you could get them.

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