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Bacon and Eggs for breakfast?

I wanted to have Bacon and Chicken Eggs for breakfast but I ain't got no bacon. What should I have instead?

A bowl of cold cereal with milk?

Chicken Neggs with toast?

An Omelet?


A sirloin steak, medium rare with onions, 2 neggs and topped with mushroom soup gravy which is fried in the pan undiluted after removing the steak and onions?

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    How about a nice fried egg sandwich? Do you have any sausage?

    If not then the egg sandwich will suffice. I would not even think to ask you to go out in the freezing cold to 'bring home the bacon'!

    A sirloin steak would do too. But what are neggs? (if you don't mind me asking) lol! :D

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    A bowl of cold cereal with milk

    Chicken eggs with toast

    An Omelet

    all three of them

    save the steak for dinner or maybe even lunch

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    Certainly by now you have had the main course...but seeing your question makes me realize it is dinner I am thin-kin your second choice...minus the eggs! Sounds good for a change!

    I like that mushroom soup idea once and again with a steak!

    No one esle around here does...mid you but I had this many times as a kid when my dear Dad cooked! Thanks for the MEMORY! :)

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    The steak thing sounds good but not for breakfast, id go with the bowl of cereal and milk then have the steak thing for lunch.

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  • anna
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    Go with the steak thing.

    You should have breakfast like a king,

    Lunch like an ordinary working man,

    Supper like a pauper.

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    All of what you said is good... Just add baked beans and a large glass of cold milk and its Perfect

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    Well, the last one sounds awesome - it seems like you don't even need our help.

    But, if you're looking for something to kick start your day, whole grain cereal or bread with complex carbohydrates will give you more lasting energy than proteins.

  • Niente
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    1 decade ago

    I think you might need some Alka Seltzer to go a long with that afterwords.

  • 1 decade ago

    A sirloin steak !

    AHHHHH ! Protein !

  • 1 decade ago

    for breaky..go for an omelet..for dinner have the steak etc*

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