What is the biblical meaning of "zoe" and where is it found?

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I understand from a well-informed source that it appears in the bible but not as a name. I've never seen it used for anything other than a name and I would like to find out the ...show more
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  • bob s answered 5 years ago
The girl's name Zoe \zoe\ is pronounced ZOH-ee, ZOH. It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "life" Zoe is Phos, Eos or Lucifer. In the garden of Eden she was a singing and harp-playing prostitute. In Genesis Eve is ZOE in Greek. Paul says that she was WHOLLY SEDUCED and Cain was "of that evil one." Zoe is called the BEAST and the "female instructing principle.
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  • Diva-licious answered 5 years ago
    Zoe is a greek word that means the God kind of life.It can be found in John 10:10

    Zoe is the life that Jesus came for us to have according to St. John 10:10. It is this kind of life we will experience when we learn to live on Earth by the principles of God’s Kingdom... God’s way of doing things.

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  • Andromache answered 5 years ago
    Zoe is a Greek name, it means 'life'.
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  • Migyyy answered 5 years ago
    The word zoe is used 134 times in the New Testament to indicate eternal life.
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  • Moondoggy answered 5 years ago
    It is a Greek word for "life."
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  • Delphine answered 2 months ago
    zoe means life the bible says in John 10v 10Jesus came that we may have abundant life
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  • Ejiro answered 6 months ago
    ZOE is a greek word hich translates eternal life. the bible was fist written in greek. what this also means is the God kind of life. the life that is imparted to you when ure born again.
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  • cutiepie answered 5 years ago
    Well my name is Zoe and the greek meaning of it is "Life" So that may be what they are reffering to. Hope this helpss!!!!! =P
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  • TheRightInfo answered 5 years ago
    Please give an example with exact source.
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  • Jon T answered 5 years ago
    Your well-informed source is mis informed, I searched 6 different texts of the Christian Bible and "zoe" is not used in any form as a word or name by itself.
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