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hey what shall i put in my yearbook as 'best memory of highschool' if i REALLY hated it?

ok s0 i'm ending school soon, and everyone will have their 'best memory' comment typed under their picture in the yearbook, s0 i really dont wanna lie and put smfg that never happen because its just question of principle. but we're also not allowed to swear or be mean or anything. so could some1 come up with anything sarcastic and cool but not too rude? PLEASE u have to help me out here! many thnx...

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    Graduation Day - soon to come.

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    hhhmm very actual .. they only take place like noooo .. i think of we would desire to continuously by no skill think of approximately them, yet having mentioned that they are memories after all which gonna stay on your techniques like for an prolonged long term so there is not any longer something you're able to do, yet distract your self in the direction of some thing else ... and this happens with me each and every of the time .. i think of maximum of my existence i'm living in my previous .. each and every from time to time i'm like oohh i need to be extra modern than i'm lol Bq: very few .. my little ones .. yet returned there is plenty unhappy related to it so i continuously attempt to distance myself from them .. Bq: Love stories been the worst in my existence .. then if it replaced into my family members, acquaintances or a guy ... i dont love every person not extra .... each and every physique betrays and leaves!...

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    It may have been your lunch period. It could have been homeroom. Possibly the bell at the end of the day. Summer vacation and the weekends and holidays too, would be good. I can think of a million others, but I doubt they would print them. Good Luck with your future.

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    My best memory of high school is hanging out with my friends.

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    My best memory of high school will be when I graduate

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    "So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu."

    "I'm outta here!"

    "In the future, every time I pass my old high school I will enjoy pleasant thoughts - 'I'm glad that's over'."

    Okay, the first part is from the Sound of Music, but it sounds like this may be your 'best' memory - being done with school.

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    Seeing the High School in my rear-view mirror.

    Source(s): I lived the same thing.
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    come on - it is high school, someone had to have done something really stupid during those years that you reflect on and smile... A trip, a huge loss in football, someone getting arrested... something!

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