what are some of the facts about Israel which have been hidden from American public?

over $6 billion per year, no strings attached, a fact still not openly disclosed to the American people which has been a secret only to Americans, thanks to the efforts of the so-called free press

the fact that ALL "aid" to Israel is illegal under US law (the Boland amendment) which prohibits aid to any country which has a secret nuclear weapons program, as Israel does.

Israel is the subcontractor for American arms to the 'Third World.' There is no terrible regime-Colombia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile during the time of the colonels, Burma, Taiwan, Zaire, Liberia, Congo, Sierra Leone-there is not one that does not have a major military connection to Israel.... So this is the missing piece... Israel is a key member of the empire."

please add to this list:

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this is an appropriate remark by Stephan Hawking:

"the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge"

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honeybee...: thank you for your answerr

however i don't understand it. would you please expand on that!

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regarding the origin of jews: i learned about this research from the public channel. this information is irrefutable since it was done through genetic engineering and also was funded and applied by Jews themselves. they got their information from Torah in order to select the locations where they could do the genetic research, they concluded that they come from Yemen and that is their actual origin

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    Israel was founded on lies. These lies get repeated all the time until today, that so many people believe them and continue to repeat them. This is a partial list of some of these myths (lies)

    Myth: Jews bought the land of Palestine and founded Israel on it.

    Fact: Jews owned only 7% of the land of Palestine in 1947 at the time of the Partition plan vote in the UN. That plan was to give for the Zionist state 54% of the land.


    Myth: Jews are returning to their original home which has historically belonged to them:

    Fact: Jews have ruled major sections of Palestine for less than 10% of the time in the last 5300 years. They were a majority for even a shorter period. See my answer below about history of Palestine with references confirming the fact.


    Myth: Muslims have been in war with Jews over Palestine for thousands of years.

    Fact: Muslims and Jews never fought over Palestine before the 20th Century. Actually Jews have historically sought refuge in Muslim controlled lands to escape Christian persecution in Europe. The Israel-Palestine conflict is a 20th Century problem. It was started by the Zionist movement (which is a secular Jewish movement that started by a group of European Jews at the end of the 19th Century). See my answer below (with references):


    Myth: Israel offered Palestinians to stay in Palestine

    Fact: Israel forcibly destroyed and ethnically cleansed more than 400 Palestinian villages in 1948, making more than 0.75 million Palestinians refugees. Despite many UN resolutions to allow these people to return to their homes, Israel never complied. My father's village "Kafr Ana" was one of these villages.






    Myth: Israel treats "Israeli Arabs" same as Jewish Israelis.

    Fact: While Israel does grant the Israeli Arabs many rights, they are not treated as equal citizens. They are not given the same rights in land ownership, basic services for their towns and villages, ability to bring relatives in (even by marriage). While any Jewish person from anywhere in the world gets Israeli citizenship automatically. As for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, those are treated by the Israelis as sub-human. See references:



    Myth: Problem between Arabs and Jews over the same land, both of whom have similar rights

    Fact: There was not a problem between the native Muslim, Christian and Jewish population (all were Arab) of Palestine before Zionism (before 20th Century). The problem is essentially between the native population of Palestine and foreign Zionist invaders who were almost all European. Those invaders came with a clear agenda: They wanted the land without the people, and thus made sure to empty the land from its people. The Zionists did use the plight of the Jews in Europe to blackmail the world to give them Palestine. However, the Palestinians had nothing to do with the suffering the Jews in Europe, and they sure should not have paid the price.


    Check this question I posted 3 weeks ago. I bet most Americans did not know the information in it:


    Source(s): Please check this answer for some background about the Palestine-Israel conflict: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AlKRh...
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    I have a counter question...IF the flotilla had nothing to hide, why then did they not agree to go to port in Egypt or Israel and have the "Humanitarian Aid" inspected and taken in? Why cause a confrontation if they are only looking to help? And if they do not trust Israel (from the flotilla side I could understand it) why not port in Egypt and allow them to help? Egypt is no ally of Israel. They would have taken all the aid to Gaza with no problems. The flotilla wanted a confrontation to try and make Israel the bad guy. The video released showed what the Israeli Commandos encountered when they tried to board the "aid" ship. You are correct that this was basically the same argument that has been used against Iraq (which the US finally had to lead the way after YEARS of breaking agreements made with the U.N. and the U.N. not enforcing tougher sanctions as Iraq broke their agreements.). Iran still hasn't been pushed on enough by the U.N. because of China's and Russia's position on the U.N. Security Council which will lead to a nutjob of a dictator with some nuclear weapons in a region where they are definitely not needed. And then you have North Korea, which has had the least pressure put on itself and the fact that a couple of weeks ago they BLATANTLY SANK a South Korean ship...that is an act of war. The evidence is clear that N. Korean torpedoes sank that ship which killed 47 S. Koreans. Why is the world not speaking louder about that than some "Aid" ship trying to get into Gaza? Israel should have just torpedoed the flotilla and been done with it.

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    I don't believe most Americans realize that the West Bank is completely Occupied by Israel. There are roads connecting hundreds of "Settlements" (Colonies) that only Israelis can use. Palestinians have no freedom of movement as they have to pass through numerous armed checkpoints. Since the highly publicized Oslo Agreement in the 1990s, Israel has increased by more than 57% bulldozing Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank to build new illegal Settlements against the very agreements signed.

    I doubt most Americans realize that over 1300 Palestinians (over 400 children) died in the three weeks of Israel's bombing of the Gaza Strip while only 13 Israelis died. I doubt most Americans realize Israel used illegal weapons such as White Phosphorpous in their "self defense' attacks.

    Who Profits from the Occupation?


    Source(s): *Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation by Saree Makdisi (Professor UCLA) *Beyond Chutzpah by Norman Finklestein *The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe *Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter *The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John Mearsheimer http://www.amnesty.org/en/for-media/press-releases... http://www.zcommunications.org/znet/viewArticle/20...
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    Israel has nuclear weapons - probably over 200 of them.

    Israel's Mossad (like the CIA) is known for its false flag operations - where they do something nasty and make it look like someone else did it. Many believe that 9/11 was such an operation. Their motto is "make war by deceit" -( roughly translated.)

    During the recent conflict with Georgia (the country not the US State), Russia arrested some Yemenite Jews, and found documents taped to the back of one of the men. These documents outlined Israeli plans to bomb Iran with nuclear weapons and biological agents from planes marked with US identification.

    The US recently shipped an enormous load (somewhere around 300,000 TONS) of arms to Israel.

    There are many Jews whose real allegiance is to Israel who hold positions of power in the US government and the Pentagon.

    That's just for starters...

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    I don't really believe it has been hidden, just distorted.

    Yet it seems America looks the other way as long as it benefits. However, it seems that at this point and with the blunt force trauma of the Iraqi Invasion, it seems to be catching US eyes. We all can now see the true benefactors and it seems Israelis citizens are slowly catching on as well.

    As for S.A., well suffice to say that I can say for a fact that many of Mexican decent turned the other way when US intervened financially to have Calderon Elected over Obrador as Obrador wanted to nationalize some 'resources' like S.A. for a bigger profit share. On 'that' it is a rather long topic so I remind you of NAFTA. That blind eye was in hope of an Amnesty - N O T - what a shiner...

    As for nuclear, well, Argentina, Brazil and Chile gave up their research for $$ - it is however currently under review by their respective countries.

    As for Israel, unless, US gets its finance's in order, expect to see some drastic changes in the middle east to the dislike/dismay of Israel.

    So for those that claim a 3rd war ensuing between super powers, not, it will be started by wannabes..

    Source(s): Written, signed documents by Congress that have been overlooked by Administrations and the public intentionally are their - just for review, yet it seems the US Citizen is not concerned enough as proof of the bailout fiasco...
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    Another fact not widely known: Israel has no constitution ( the reason being that if it did have one there would be nothing there about equal rights regardless of religion or race). Non-Jews are officially discriminated against and the Jewish authorities won't allow people to convert to being Jews. A Jewish Israeli tried to be recognized as an Israeli rather than a Jew and lost every court case in his attempt. And this is in Israel proper. As we all know, things are much worse in the open air prisons known as Gaza and the West Bank.

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    Israel's dirty deals with dictatorships. Damage done by the Orthodox control of all Israelis even the non religious. That would have happen in the US with Palin.

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    they assassinated JFK

    they are not Jews which live in the region they are European and a simple blood test will reveal it

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    Google attack on the U.S.S. Liberty

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