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Do you know about food supplements?

Any general information such as what are food supplements, how do they work, benefits and other effects to the body. Kindly cite also examples of food supplements. Thank you.

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    Food supplements are basicaly preparation of nutrients that comes in different forms, blends, qualities, sizes and prices too! Food supplements are actually made to save time and money, but not effort.

    They are not magic though, being on food supplements is not an excuse to skip a meal, or skip exrecise, a food supplement is just to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need to speed up the goal behind your training program. Briefly there is a certain categorization of food supplements that i like which is dependant on your goal. Is it fat loss? weight gain? muscle building? strength? etc..

    Well 'for example if u want to build muscle probably you will need to bulk up which basicaly involves eating more calories than you exert so you will make use of the following:

    (1) CREATINE MONOHYDRATE : a popular supplement for

    nearly twenty years and for good reason: It works. Creatine is probably

    the most researched supplement on the market when it comes to

    increasing strength and muscle size.

    Most creatine studies utilized a loading phase of up to 25 grams of creatine per day in

    powder form for 4-5 days and a maintenance phase of 5 grams per day thereafter. After the loading phase, 5 grams per day appears sufficient. I

    mix it with water and guzzle it down, unless I happen to be making a protein drink;

    then I just mix it in and color it done.

    No side effects of creatine have been observed consistently. Long-term effects are

    yet to be known, although after nearly twenty years of heavy use one could assume

    they are either negligible or nonexistent. Creatine basicaly delays muscle fatigue by giving you extra energy when you wrokout, thus putting on extra stress on your muscles so you could lift heavier and size up. Creatine though causes bloating, creatine monohydrate draws water into muscles which is a good thing not a bad thing: swollen muscle fibers (hyperosmotic state) have a better chance of forcing nutrients as proteins inside them and synthesize faster.

    (2) Amino acids: this is basicaly digested protein, and its not that important unles you are on anabolic steroids or you're vegeterian, otherwise you could get all your daily protein needs from meals and protein shakes. Though some people (id rather say advanced body builders) say they like BCAA (branched chain amino acids valine, leucine, and isoleucine) or intake of a single amino acid as in glutamine to prevent muscle breakdown after training, or arginine to increase HGH (human growth hormone) secretion and vasodilation to increase blood circulation to muscles. But this is really advanced and i think its all about marketing new products that dont work. Amino acids do not have any side effects, discussing side effects of amino acid intake would be similar to discussing side effects of having a steak!

    (3) Weight Gainers: This is a higly caloric food supplement that adds up to your daily intake of calories, serves up to 1500 calories per serving. Has no side effects rather than weight gain. i would recommend that as a way to speed up a bulking process.

    (4) Protein Powders: or protein shakes, as in whey protein, egg protein, casein, soy protein .. etc . The best and most popular being whey protein, it is a very good source of protein for any workout as proteins keep you in something called positive nitrogen balance state which doesnt only involve building up muscles but also prevents muscle breakdown due to over training.

    Hundreds of other supplemets are availble as testosterone boosters (the main anabolic - muscle building - hormone in your body) , fish oils and multi vitamins. Efficiency of such supplements are basicaly based on personal variation and preference. pay a visit to this website for more clean information, read the articles and search their forums.

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    Source(s): Fast Track Muscle Building -
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    There are all kinds of food supplements out there. Energy bars and meal replacement shakes are the most popular. The idea is to condense nutrients into a low calorie meal that can be consumed in a matter of seconds for people with on-the-go lifestyles. They are nowhere near as beneficial for you as regular food because they lack vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that the body relies on. Eating too much of these can also result in overdosing on nutrients (it is possible), which can result in an accumulation of a specific vitamin or mineral in your stomach that can cause serious trouble down the road.

    Also, typing in "meal replacement bars" or "supplements" in Google will give you thousands of products to choose from. Witness the madness...

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    Before taking food supplement you should talk to the doctor or your dietitian. Some supplement interact with some medicine. You should inform your dietitian, If you are taking any medicine.

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    These are know as dietary supplements. These are intended in providing nutrients loss or insufficient.This include: vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, or amino acids, among other substances. Most common are multivitamins.

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    This is a great blog on why supplements are needed and some more information on an excellent one to take.

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    well, they're just pills. you take them, that's it. Apparently, they're supposed to give you the right vitamins you need to be healthy.

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