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Nicole asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

How can I make my dog lose some weight?

She is a small dog, like the size of a bishon (sp?). Anyway, i feed her once a day, a full bowl. Her bowl isnt that big actually.. it's the size of a tuna can but a bit taller. Where I live, it's SO not the ideal place to walk a dog. There's huskies, labradors... Every huge dog you can think of lives in my neighborhood. They are within the gates, but keep in mind that the gates are not tall... at least not to them. I'm afraid that they'll jump out of the gate and attack my little dog. I'm only 14, and can not drive to the nearest park or anything. By the time my parents come home, it's too late for a walk. What do I do?


Does feeding her unsalted green beans with her dog food help?

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    Every dog needs regular daily exercise to alleviate mental boredom & for physical fitness.

    If there is no underlying medical condition, very little exercise + too much food = weight gain.

    If you can't feel your dogs ribs then you may need a prescription kibble from your local vet. If is a mild to moderate weight gain then change your dogs kibble type to light.

    If possible feed your dog three times a dog, if not 2/3 of the total food ration in the morning & 1/3 in the evening. If you can feed 3 times a day, then split the daily food ration into three equal amounts.

    In addition to daily walks, if your dogs likes fribee/ball games, you could provide addition exercise in the back garden, gradually build the time spent throwing the toy as her fitness increases. If you have a canine hydrotherapy pool close to your home, that is an excellent way for a dog to increase its fitness.

    Diet + exercise will decrease your dogs weight & keep an otherwise healthy dog in good shape & fit.

  • 1 decade ago

    Follow the guidelines for feeding on the label - you might be overfeeding her and not realize it. Get a cheap measuring cup to be sure and just leave it in the bag or food container and scoop out the right amount each feeding.

    It may help to feed half the amount in the morning and half at night.

    If you're feeding her according to the guidelines, cut it back a little bit. You can add in greenbeans without a problem just don't give too much at once.

    For exercise try playing games inside like fetch, or do basic training routines for 15-20 minutes. Have her follow you around the house by attaching her leash to your belt. Hopefully on weekends you can exercise her outside at a park.

    Good luck!

  • If she is fat cut down her food...give her two feeds a day (1/2 amount morning and evening). When my MIL died she left us to care for her elderly corgi..this dog was soo fat that her belly dragged on the floor. The vet had given her Special diet food but MIL just fed her more! lol

    I cut her food down to a 1/5 of what she had been getting and started gently walking her...her arthritis disappeared and she lived to 15 and for a couple of years after we got her she was pinging round like a puppy.

    As a small dog she can get some exercise in the house...teach her tricks...roll balls around for her to fetch...why not find a book on teaching her tricks, then walk her at the weekend with your parents :)...but really..if she is fat the FIRST thing is to cut down her food.

    Good luck x

    Source(s): Dog owner forever :)
  • 1 decade ago

    First get her on a diet doggie food, and make sure to read the instructions on the back of how much to give her for how much she ways.

    You can always play inside, if you have stairs walk her up and down, also dogs can go on the treadmill. If you try the treadmill, do it for about an hour a day to start off, maybe working up to 2 hours.

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    You could play with her in your home, teach her to fetch, walk her from room to room, etc. I don't know about the green beans. Never heard that one. I was always told not to give dogs any table scraps / food. Good luck.

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