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PCLL 邊間好

請問PCLL 1st/2nd preference填 HKU, CUHK or CITY U邊間好???

p.s. 邊間好 - in terms of teaching prospect etc...

Thanks a lot!

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    Obviously HKU PCLL is the best in Hong Kong. That's for sure. Teaching quality is decent. As to student quality and career prospect, HKU PCLL is much better than CityU and CUHK.

    The second best PCLL department in HK should be CityU. I have heard that its teaching quality is of pretty high standard.

    The third best PCLL department should be CUHK since it has been established for merely a year or so. Its lack of history means that a lot of things are probably at experiemental stage. Also, the profession knows nothing about the quality of its student. Therefore, in the short run, CityU should be better than CUHK, but I expect CUHK to catch up with CityU in a few years time.

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