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  Online dissemination of information, the cost is limited, will sell products

directly to consumers, may be shortened by distribution links, anyone can publish

the information freely available to broaden the scope of sales, this can save

marketing costs, hence lower costs and make our products at competitive prices.

  Visiting for such products are mostly of interest to customers, the audience is

accurate, to avoid a lot of useless information, can also be cost savings. Also in

accordance with orders to adjust the inventory situation, lower inventory costs.

  For example, online bookstore, the bibliography can be generally classified

into categories of social science, literature class, foreign-language category,

computers, electronics, etc., but also by publishers, authors, country, etc. to carry

out the index for the convenience of the reader Find, you can think of a section on

new books and content profiles, and updated information is also very timely,

convenient and lower cost venues, inventory costs to provide more updated

books, to win customers.






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      Online advertisements of the commodities information, the cost can be lowered by selling products directly to their consumers, and the delivery time can be shortened by distribution chains, anyone of the Internet users can publish a useful information freely available to promote the scope of sales, thus, this approach can also make their products at competitive prices.

      Visiting the relative sites of the dealing business are mostly interesting to customers, and the viewers, they are being informed to be more accurate to avoid a lot of unuseful transactions. To all of the sellers, they are accordingly able to have the opportunity to lower their inventory costs with the regulation of orders and good sales.

      For example, the online bookstores, the bibliography can be classified in general

    into categories of Social Science, Literatures , Foreign Languages, Computer Sciences, Electronics, … etc., as well as sorted them into Publishers, Authors, Countries, …etc. for carrying out the indexing for the convenience of the readers to look up. You may think of a special section for the new books with its contents, profiles, and updated information. It is then becoming a very timely, convenient and cost-saving venue to provide more updated

    books to lure more readers.

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    To disseminate information on Internet can save marketing cost and make the products at competitive prices. This is because the cost of information disseminating on Internet is limited, and it could sell products directly to consumers, which could shorten the distribution link. Moreover, everybody could publish his information freely, which could broaden the scope of sales.

    Searching the ideal product is the most interesting thing to customers. They can easily avoid some useless information, and save their money by choosing the lower prise product. Moreover, the seller can accurately know the situation of the inventory.

    There is an example of an online bookstore. The bibliography could not only be generally classified into the categories of social science, literature class, foreign-language category, computers, or electronics, but by publishers, authors, or country. To carry out the index is also really convenience for the customers because they can easily get the profiles of the new book. And updating information is pretty immediate as well.

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