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    1. choc-a-bloc: full (充滿著);忙碌的


    The stadium is choc-a-bloc with fans who were eager to see their favorites all-conquering cricket stars.

    I've been wanting to visit the Deptford Project train carriage cafe for ages, but I'd been a bit worried that Time Out raving about it would mean it was choc-a-bloc and it would be hard to get in. Still, sometimes you just have to join the crowd and eventually I could resist no longer.

    The art fiesta(節慶), choc-a-bloc with paintings and cartoon works, attracted a steady stream of people since it was thrown open at 9 a .m. and concluded at 7 p.m.

    @Choc-a-bloc Britain(忙碌的倫敦)

    Expect Britain 's roads to be really busy today.

    It's the busiest time of the year as lots of people finish work and start their Christmas getaway.

    18 million of us will be on the move later on this afternoon.

    3 million of us are going abroad for Christmas.

    The busiest day at the airports will be tomorrow.

    2. Choc.a.bloc 則是指一家專門製作巧克力蛋糕的店,位於新加坡。

    3, 至於此詞的出處來源尚未知道,請其他人告知囉。

    2009-02-01 18:22:49 補充:

    訂正: Choc-a-bloc Britain(忙碌的英國)...

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    chock-a-block (or chockablock)

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