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Is your opinion on the Palestine/Israel issue formed on the basis of news reports or from research?

It seems that the media has a distinct bias in favour of Israel, but do people actually realise it?


trekster; interesting analogy, since much of Texas was annexed from Mexico, roughly doubling the size of that state. Which pretty much parallels the land grabbing done by Israel since 1967.

Oh, and anyone who quotes the bible as a source is an imbecile.

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    Research, which shows Israel has committed at least 10 times the number of murders of innocent people as the Palestinians. A lot of the people they killed were in fairly large-scale massacres where they would take a number of people from a village, blindfold and bind them, then shoot them in mass. Or just line them against a wall and shoot them. Sometimes they'd invade a town, spraying bullets or tank shells all over the place.

    Furthermore, Israel murdered the innocent people in order to drive them from their homes and confiscated their land and possessions. It was premeditated almost from the start of the zionist project of colonization of Palestine. This was a large-scale enterprise by Israel and its zionist founders in which they enlisted the direct military help of at least 10% of their population and funds from Jews all over the world (a lot donated on the falsely but deliberately propagated impression that Israel was the innocent victim of massive armies of violent, uncivilized fanatics instead mass murderers of otherwise peaceful people who happened to have inhabited the land they coveted)

    A small minority of Palestinians, under 1%, took up arms against the invading zionists, and an even smaller minority started killing innocent Israelis in revenge.

    Source(s): "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine," by Ilan Pappe, for one For an on-line source, try or for more recent reports, try
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    First there is no such thing as unbiased news. My opinion is based on reading the views of both sides of the story. Pro Palestinian and Pro Israel. So far I cannot comprehend this war. It seems to me that the second Hamas stops firing missiles, the bombs will stop dropping on gaza. There is the solution to the whole war and so far even the Pro Palestinian research I have done cannot answer this question of why do they keep firing missiles. I understand that this is Hamas' decision as the regular people of Palestine cannot change their government now(and don't say they voted them in because we voted Bush in and look where that went) without them getting killed. As to your question the bias in the media is Pro Israel and anyone with half a brain realize it. But it wasn't always this way. Back when Israel was fighting Hezbollah the media was completely against them. It even made Israel pull their troops back eventually. I think this war will end like all the others of Israel. There will be no clear winner and no clear loser. Hamas WILL stop firing rockets. Whether that be because they have been mostly killed or their infrastructure wiped out, or maybe they just choose to stop, then the war will be over with losses on both sides and people analyzing it for months to come until the next war. And i do mean months Israel has some very unhappy neighbors.

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    Based on history, news reports (that aren't biased), and my own research.

    The media really does have a pro-Israeli bias. Not once did I hear Palestinian casualties reported on CNN or Fox, but they wouldn't stop talking about every single rocket that hit Israel. I had to check on Al Jazeera to find that 1,300 people died.

    Wow, Trekster actually put "non-biased research" and "the bible" in the same sentence.

    Of course a text that justifies the genocide of all the natives so the Hebrews can settle there wouldn't have any bias at all. I'm religious, but we can't use religious reasons from thousands of years ago to displace an entire people.

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    Not all media favors Israel. And my opinion is based on history. I would be willing to bet, if a national poll were taken regarding the subject, you would find the majority of people would say Israel is wrong, not Hamas or Palestine.

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    research. ive read books, heaps of different news articles and historic news articles. listened to a fair few speakers and went to a night that went through the history of the conflict.

    lol the bible doesnt count as a source. books around 2000 years old generally tend to be full of crap. the bible is no exception

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    Manipulated Media reports,

    US Media is a vital tool to BRAINWASH Americans.

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    Our country has a bias toward Israel.....because our country was...and hopefully still is a nation that believes what the Bible says. The land that is now the state of Israel was promised to them by God. The entire conflict is noted in the Bible...both those tales of yesterday and those that describe today and what is to come tomorrow.

    As a believer, I have no choice but to support Israel in her quest. I realize that it is not politically correct to bring religion or faith into politics, but that is the primary reason the U.S. is supportive for the most part.

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    Every opinion i have is based on research and some from believable news reports.

    Okay, i give you some of my basics

    Holy Bible KJV

    The Protocol


    Don't you worry people are very very very ignorant whats going on on our planet, people are more interested on porn.

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    Look in the real world.

    Decode this lyrics " Games people play"

    From TV news reels and the news prints itself.

    Luke 8.10,17

    What do you think?

    Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.
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