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I can't find the name or artist of this song anywhere. Partial lyrics from "Love in December" by Ace of Base.?

This is a rap song I found on and on this website, it's titled "In Loving Memory."

It has some lyrics from "Love in December" by Ace of Base, but then it has this guy rapping about his brother getting a bullet in the head and how his little girl who was born on the 13th of December will live her life without her father.

This is the part from the Ace of Base song:

I know that our time has run out

You're my everlasting groove

Forget the past for the time to come

In all our thoughts will meet again

Then it starts with the rap, and it begins reminisce, but I can't understand the next bit. He also talks about his dead brother who is watching down from the sky.

Sorry I don't know anymore. Any help will be so amazing, thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I'm Sorry Gillian...I have searched all of my resources/catalogs/DJ's and I couldn't find the rap lyrics you were looking for. I wish I could have helped you.

    Source(s): AlexsMom
  • 5 years ago

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