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Do you think Napolitano can do the job so it's fair?

What do U think of this Latino groups to Napolitano: Stop immigration raids -can yoU believe this ?

A coalition of Latino groups sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano this week urging her to stop workplace immigration raids.

The coalition — which includes the League of United Latin American Citizens and the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Funds — said the raids were a “relentless attack” on the Latino community.

“The fear of raids in and around schools, neighborhoods and workplaces among immigrants — unauthorized and authorized — keeps our children and families from attending schools, obtaining needed services for which they are eligible and pay taxes and even contacting local police when they or their loved ones are in danger,” the letter said.

It also said that the raids “have destroyed families and spread terror.”

The Bush administration conducted a string of large immigration raids at workplaces over the past few years. The photo on the right shows a raid in Postville, Iowa.

Why do they think their race should be above the law ? What is next ?

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    Yes they did write a letter, of which you choose to use a single descriptive paragraph of "relentless attack" to support your questioning of if Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is doing a fair job.

    I did try both of your blog links and neither worked for me. But I did find a copy of this letter posted on another blog and am happy to share the link.

    This is a rather long letter and I suspect that maybe one to none of the opposing posters will even bother to read, I see postings with self opinions,stereotypical comments, straight out insulting and out right lying from supporters as well as the opposition doing this.

    Taking the time to read and reason the other sides views and thoughts are a part of solving not just this but almost any problem. Using just a tad of common courtesy is a simple and honest act it does not matter if you know the other person or not.

    From the copy of the letter to what is used in part shows many different reasons and situations for the letter being written.

    Such as in your post there is not a single mention that legal(ized) American citizens are being caught up in these raids. Being caught up in a raid means that you are treated as the illegals that is to say "without rights" until they pronounced you "American" until then you are just as illegal as those around you - right or wrong.

    Also this coalition is made up of eight agencies not just the two that you list. I believe independently they are;

    Hispanic Federation, League of United Latin American Citizens,

    Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund,

    Mexican American Political Association,

    National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities,

    National Day Laborer Organizing Network and the

    National Hispanic Environmental Council, Southwest Voter Registration Education Project.

    Posters will write many comments, answers will be of different opinions yet it can not be argued that as equals the people and the government of the people have failed. We have set standards for the rich and another for the poor. Standards for whites and another for blacks, there are two sets of laws one being reachable only with a lawyer and the other for those with public pretenders.

    My biggest sadness is that one day we will all be gone and those that live on have only what we have said and done to draw interaction with others from, read some of the answers again and tell me please that I am wrong.

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    No. She said ... show her a fifty foot fence, and she would show you an illegal aliens with a fifty one foot ladder. In fact, two journalists actually wanted to find someone who could build the ladder.. spent days and days in Mexico, and could not find anyone who could build such a ladder. In addition... no one has jumped off the top and landed on the other side without requiring medical attention for broken bones. Napolitano was very, very wrong. Add this: the fence has been an excellent sucess. It is working well as we speak.

    Napolitano is going to be a very ugly thorn in our side. She will utter discraceful garbage, and simply refuse to back down. She is a very poor choice for homeland security.

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    No I do not think she will use the armed forces to repel this invasion!

    The criminals are afraid of the police? What next? People obeying laws?

    Destroyed families? Are these countries of origin taking away their children? Killing the children? Illegal, immoral, criminal invaders are free to take their children with them. Nobody forced them to become criminals! They did that by themselves!

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