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why are these players on nba rosters while better players are unemployed?

some of these guys have no business in the nba: maurice ager, alex acker, alexis ajinca, hilton armstrong, calvin booth, ryan bowen, mark madsen, jason collins, robin lopez, goran dragic, thomas gardner, gabe pruitt, chuck hayes, jason hart, jerome james, roko ukic, nathan jawai, jared jeffries, royal ivey, rob kurz, sean marks, josh mcroberts, randolph morris, patrick o'bryant, fabricio oberto, olesiy percherov, shavlik randolph, jeremy richardson, malik rose, cheikh samb, brian scarlabrine, mouhammed sene, walter sharpe, cedirc simmons, courtney sims, mike taylor, anthony tolliver, jacque vaughn, sonny weems, mario west, mike wilks, lorenzen wright, sun yue

while these guys are not in the league: steve francis, carlos arroyo, derek anderson, bonzi wells, antoine walker, bostjan nachbar, darrell armstrong, earl barron, earl boykins, juan carlos navarro, ira newble, primoz brezec, josh childress, kirk snyder, damon stoudamire, salim stoudamire, paul davis, nick fazekas, carlos delfino, dan dickau, michael dickerson, michael doleac, richie frahm, jorge garbajosa, mickael gelabale, gordon giricek, adrian griffin, penny hardaway, othella harrington, david harrison, donnell harvey, robert horry, julius hodge, troy hudson, allan houston, eddie jones, casey jacobsen, alexander johnson, dermarr johnson, bobby jones, linton johnson, stephane lasme, shaun livingston, jelani mccoy, keith mcleod, jeff mcinnis, jannero pargo, smush parker, ruben patterson, kasib powell, eric piatkowski, scot pollard, aaron williams

i thought nba is for the best players in the world

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    i dont think you realize just how good you have to be to get to the nba.. if you took anyone of those players in your "no business" list to the playground, you would think they were an all time great-thats just how talented they are.. now for some criticisms of your "no business"list: lopez is just a rookie with good upsied, gabe pruitt has acutally played good this season with his increased minutes, armstrong is a starter for new orleans; now for criticisms of your other list: steve francis was old and washed up; antoine walker had nothing left; penny hardaway was old and ravaged by all the past injuries; piatkowski was arguably the slowest guard in the league, pollard had a few good years in sacramento but had become a waste...

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    Like the other guy said they made the NBA for a reason and people like Robin Lopez and Goran Dragic are rookies so leave them alone they have time to grow

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    They made it to the NBA for a reason. Stop trying to take away the credit. Some are better than others deal with it

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    Your question is misleading because most of your list that's not in the league are veterans who have retired, whereas "those who have no business" are mostly young players. You're comparing apples to oranges.

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    check yur free agent roster again some of those players belong to teams..and some went to Europe leagues by thier chocies

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