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Is this a potential concussion? ?

I had a softball game today and I need your help to know whether or not I have a concussion.

I was running into home, and I slid (Under the pass) and when I slid my helmet fell off. well their 1st basemen thru it to the catcher who missed. (she never ended up touching it) and it hit me in the head.

The accident made it so i was stunned for about 3 seconds. It felt like my helmet was shaken on my head but it was my head shaking itself. (Does that made sense?) well I was still on the base due to the stun when my mom and my coach came over to help me up. It had bounced off of my head and into the fence. My mom heard it from the stands. I couldn't walk. I stumbled for a little while. I didn't cry tho. IDK why.

anyways, I sat out one inning and then continued to play. I was O.K. as far as I was concerned. I was only slightly dizzy and I get hurt a lot. i walk it off. I had it iced. well my mom wanted to take me to the ER but i wouldn't go because I didn't wanna leave my team. (I play 3 important positions, pitcher, catcher and short. we rotate) my mom said fine. there's an EMT on the field. I didn't go. It turned out one of my teammates mom was a nurse. she checked me out and said it was a bad bump and it wasn't bleeding but very well would have. at the time, she said I didn't have a concussion. but it's true that it could take hours for it to show and for internal bleeding to occur. it scared the **** out of my mom. and she was very skeptical about letting me continue to play. I am babysitting tonight and she told me I couldn't go to sleep until she got home.

Well, now my head really hurts and I am a little fuzzy. I'm not sure what to do. she forgot her cell phone so I have no way to contact her. I can see straight and I can walk. my view is just slightly (a lil bit) fuzzy.

I'm sorry it was so long. Thanks 4 ur help!


- I don't know my friends mom's number.

do u think I need to go to the ER? I have someone to take me, I have a neighbor who would do anything for me. But I'm not sure what the ER would do.

Update 2:

- also, my sister's 4.

I'm babysitting for my mom

and all of my family lives in a different state.

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    Call someone, your mom, dad, sister, aunt, your friend who's mom is a nurse and get to the ER

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