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What do you think about Derrick Thomas finally getting in the Hall of Fame?

Derrick Thomas was finally elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. What are your thoughts on him, and also on the other players that are to be enshrined?


you know he was a LB right?

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    im sure hes very happy over the induction.

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    For one Derrick Thomas is not overrated he is one of the best DE ever! He will be missed by family and friends. His induction into the hall of fame was well past due. He holds the record for most sacks in a game 7 this record will not be broken.

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    500 residing house runs isn't a assure to the corridor anymore and there will be some who won't get in with 500. With that mentioned, everyone who says Frank Thomas won't get in the corridor has no clue what they are speaking approximately. He replaced into voted the AL participant of the 90s (purely 2nd in the back of Bonds for participant of the 90s). He replaced right into a lock some years in the past.

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    He was a awesome player, but I don't think did enough to merit enshrinement. Woodson did. Bruce Smith did. But Thomas? Nope.


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    He's overrated

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