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How to apply the hi/lo system in blackjack?

How do i apply the hi lo system because all i no is how to count the cards and end up with zero when im done

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    the high/lo system is THE MOST popular card counting system in exhistance, in fact, in recent survey taken on the web by 129 card counters, 48 of them (37.2%) used the high lo system. The next most popular system was the KO system

    the point values for the high/lo system are....

    2-6 (+1)

    7,8,9 (0)

    10/ace (-1)

    The count represents/measures change in the house advantage as a result of the cards seen being removed from the game, this is why the point assignments are backwards in some people's minds because positive numbers are actually assigned to cards that when dealt hurt the players odds, but when REMOVED FROM THE GAME have the opposite effect, when you are in a positive count it means an excess of cards of this type have been removed form the game.

    Since the count measures change by removal of cards, and at the begining of a freshly shuffled deck, there are no cards removed, and no change in the odds, you would start at 0, as cards are dealt you add them to form the RUNNING COUNT (RC), and keep track of it in your head at all times, anytime a card is removed from the game you add its point value to the RC, wether it be a card dealt in the game, a card that falls on the floor, a card thats in your pocket whatever, if its removed from the game, you count it.


    You then must convert the RC into the TRUE COUNT (TC) by dividing the RC by the number of decks left undealt, to figure the number of decks left undealt you look at the discard tray and see how many decks were dealt (visually) and deduct it from the total number of decks in play (which you must also know)

    TC=RC divided by number of decks remaining to be dealt.


    The tc will be almost directly proportional to....important concept here...."the change in hosue advantage as a result of the removal of cards from the game"


    ^------Not considered by vary many card counters who place bets erronously

    If the count is positive, it means the odds have shifted in the favor of the player, if its negetive they have shifted in the favor of the casino.

    To determine if the player has an edge, you must add the change in the house advantage as shown by the count to the EXHISTING HOUSE ADVANTAGE, which varries based on the rules of the game.

    Use this link to figure the house advantage of the game you are playing.... http://wizardofodds.com/blackjack/house-...

    Once you detect that enough cards have been removed and the player has an advantage, you can sit down and place a bet!!!! heres the catch though, in order to win money, you must play PERFECT strategy, not only that but you must play ADVANCED PLAYING STRATEGY, which is a step beyong basic playing strategy, fist you need to learn basic strategy, use this link to find the strategy for the game you are playing because it also changed slightly based on the rules.... http://www.blackjackinfo.com/bjbse.php

    Advanced playing strategy is what results form the card counter modifiing playing strategy based on the **TC** by using what are known as indexes, index are different for different counting systems so these numbers are only for the high/lo...ONLY FOR THE HI/LO SYSTEM!!!

    When a ***TC*** is at or above an index with a positive number assigned, you make the play for that index, however if a negetive number is assigned, you make the play when the ***TC*** is AT opr BELOW the number.

    16v10 +0 stand

    16vs9 +5 stand

    16vs8 +8 stand

    15vs10 +4 stand

    15vs9 +8 stand

    12vs2 +4 stand

    12vs3 +2 stand

    12vs4 -0 hit

    12vs5 -1 hit

    12vs6 -0 hit

    11vsACE +1 double

    10vsACE +4 double

    10vs10 +4 double

    10vs9 -1 hit (no double)

    9vs2 +1 double

    9vs7 +4 double

    8vs6 +2 double

    8vs5 +4 double

    A,9vs6 +5 double

    A,9vs5 +5 double

    A,9vs4 +7 double

    A,8vs6 +1 double

    A,8vs5 +2 double

    A,8vs4 +3 double

    A,8vs3 +6 double

    A,2vs4 +3 double

    A,3vs4 +2 double

    10,10vs6 +5 split

    10,10vs5 +5 split

    10,10vs4 +7 split

    9,9vs7 +4 split DAS

    9,9vsACE +3 split DAS

    7,7vs8 +2 split only when DAS (double after splitting alowed)

    3,3vs8 +4 split only DAS

    2,2vs8 +6 split only DAS

    And lastly, no matter what hand you have, you take insurance on it when the TC is above 3, or in multi deck games 3.1 is acceptable. But 3 works for reasons known as "risk aversion", im not explaining

    There a lil more than that, but thats enough to make money at the game.

    Source(s): Myself, Professional blackjack player
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    At certain times in blackjack the card count will go up or go down during the course of playing a shoe.

    When the count goes up, it is the time to increase your bet, as a general rule. Counting the cards is one theing, knowing how to bet is another, and more important thing!

    Here is a link that explains the HiLo system and provides some information on how to use the information to adjust your bets, whether the count is high or low.


    Good luck at the tables!

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