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Why do people like airsoft gi?

I recently bought a cm030 aep from, and when everything was done the page didnt say anything about my order, it was like it didnt work. I tried again and nothing. So then about half an hour later i found out that both orders HAD counted and i bought 2 guns instead of one. I have sent an email but not gotten a response yet. I find this very annoying and was wondering if this happend to anyone else..?

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    I have ordered from them several times and not had an issue, it has been painless every time.

    In reading your details, it sounds like it was not a problem at all and you were simply a bit impatient with the lack of immediate response on their part from your first order and decided to place a second order, then got confirmations for both orders.

    If it has not shipped yet, I am sure you can call their customer service and they will cancel one of the orders with a credit for the amount. They do have excellent customer service, I will be very surprised if the do not do that for you.


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    it's just a poorly made website,

    id find another one.

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