How do i deal with a moody pregnant woman?

My girlfriend is 16 weeks pregnant. She has gotten over the sickness stage and is now extremely moody! I love her to death and I'm trying to be patient but, it's hard. She thinks i'm going to cheat, she thinks i don't find her attractive and sometimes she's just plain mean! I reassure her every chance i get how much i love her and how beautiful i think she is. I don't pressure for sex but she won't even let me touch her! My patience with her mean to nice to crabby to sad attitude is wearing thin. How can i keep patient?

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  • momsie
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    she has a lot of hormones going crazy in her right now and as hard as it is on you try and keep calm with her.

    it sounds like she is a bit extreme though! i am quite moody also and don't want much to do with sex so that can be normal. a lot of women feel like that. plus, she is probably super insecure about her body because she probably doesn't look real pregnant yet, just chubby!

    ask her how she feels and just listen to her! i think men have a hard time with that one. my husband always thinks when i complain or get upset it is something he needs to help me solve... sometimes we just need an ear. go give her a hug and let her get it all out.

    also, it is ok that you get frustrated too! let her know how her actions are making you feel, but tell her nicely! maybe she doesn't realize how moody she is being. or how it is affecting you.

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    It's nice that want to know how to deal with this and it's not always easy considering a pregnant, moody women can be hard to deal with. Men can go through their own mood swings during pregnancy as well so it probably makes matters worse for both of you. Know this, the hormones that are being pumped throughout her body are causing these mood swings and they aren't necessarily directed towards you. Pregnancy is uncomfortable and the symptoms can drive a woman nuts. I know, I'm 11 weeks pregnant and haven't slept a full night in weeks. Spend some more quality time with her and let her know how much you love her and support her. Also listen to what she has to say. You have to understand that right now she probably feels like a fat cow and she isn't feeling as sexy as she did before pregnancy. She is afraid of raising a child alone because of this un-sexy feeling. Let her know that you love her and her body. My husband gives me back rubs which make me feel very sexy even though I am bigger. You'll survive this. Think of your baby. Read What to Expect When Expecting, the men's chapter. Best of luck to you both.

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    Both for her and for you! See what you can do together that gives you sort of a break from the pregnancy blues. Get some comedy DVDs and have a good laugh together. Hormones are probably running havoc with your girlfriend state of mind and it will get better but it's not easy. For her (and you!), it's really important that she eats well and healthy, lots of fruits and veg and so on, it will help her mood too. Go easy on the sugar. Try to get out for some fresh air and light exercise.

    Does she have any pregnant friends to confide in, and if so, can't you meet up with their partners? It will help to make sense of this weird and wonderful time.

    And the more resourceful and resilient you are now together, the better you will deal with all the exciting things the baby will throw at you!

    Hang in there, it sounds like you are doing pretty good at understanding and supporting your girlfriend.

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    My biggest fear when I was pregnant was that my husband would cheat on me. He grew up in an environment where his mom slept with anything that moved, so he is completely faithful, but I was still scared. I was a mean little b i t c h and didn't go back to normal until my daughter was 4 or 5 months old. At one point in time he moved out because he couldn't deal with the accusations anymore. We eventually worked past that once he was able to participate in the pregnancy more (sonagram, hear the heart beat, feel the baby, ect) But all I can really say is just be patient and kind. Good luck!!!

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  • Nancy
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    My husband just ignores the moods because when he comments about them it gets worse. He understands that its just hormones talking and I usually get really moody when I ask him to do something and he puts it off or tells me he wont do it. He now does it right when I ask and never tells me no. My husband has been away for a week and a half now so I have been really depressed and he's been doing his best to try and keep me happy and looking forward to when he will be home next friday. Your boyfriend should realize its just a mood swing and let it go in one ear and out the other. Having him escalate the fight causes unnecessary stress on you and the baby.

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    You have to just ignore it as someone else said.

    Just pretend all is normal.

    She's gonna flip out all the time and act pretty crazy so you'll be dealing with it for awhile.

    I really dislike being pregnant.

    But in the end the little babes are worth it...

    Good luck

    Source(s): Mom of a 12.5 moth old and due in March
  • Anonymous
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    Just remember that in a couple months, she'll have a little bundle of joy, which will make things tons better :]

    and remember that you're not the one carrying around a lot of baggage, & that you're not the one that has to give birth..big head, little vagina=big pain.

    and remember that in a couple months you'll only have to deal with her moodiness one week out of every month :]

    it'll all be worth it, rest assured :]

    Source(s): best of luck.
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    Honestly, just smile and nod and take it. Continue to express how sexy you think she is, even if she says "You're full of it". Be there when she needs you there, but also make time for yourself. When you do go out, though, make sure you check in; if she's letting her emotions tell her that you may cheat, then that will be enhanced if you don't check in regularly.

    Her hormones may level off as she gets farther along, but they also may not. So, just try your best to handle it.

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    hormones! sorry hun, but get use to it..this is just the beginning. pregnancy does craaaaazy things to your moods. im 11weeks and know exactly what going on with your gf..we dont mean to mean.. its just a mental thing while our bodies are adjusting to all these changes. hang in there, and keep up what youre doing. she'll appreciate u more in the end. look at the bright side, it only last a couple months :) good luck!

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    Give her whatever she wants, continue to tell her that she is beautiful at every available opportunity, bring her home some flowers and a card that says how much you love her and how happy you are that she is having your baby, and then do it all over again. I know it sucks, but that's part of being pregnant. She can't stay mad forever.

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