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ok i need help on my ap gov homework here is the questiom

1. corporate giants have internationalized in the period since world war II becoming what are known as ______, with vast holdings in many countries that are often bigger than most governments.

fill in the blankk thx for whoever answers

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    multinational corporations

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    1. political power is the power held by government institutions to administer public resources. Without more context I;m not sure how to answer the second part of the question. Public elections are a way of distributing political power to a few people who are supposed to carry out the needs of those who elected them. 2. Very much so. Traditionally the role of government in the economic and social realms was minimal. During the Great Depression, FDR signed into the New Deal which greatly increased government spending for social welfare and economic stimulus. Since then, the government has slowly become more involved in social and economic welfare. However, there was a drop in government involvement during the Reagan administration when he deregulated much of the economy. As a general rule Democrats tend to favor more government involvement, while Republicans oppose it.

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    yeah, I think monopolies is right.

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