Inventions, science, ISEF, ideas?

A lot might have an idea about ISEF, a huge competition, a science inventing competition..

I need some ideas to begin an invention that was NEVER made before..

To receive the 10 points your ideas should be:

1- New!! never made before.. (I'll check whether your ideas were new or not online..)

2- Implementable.. Something that could be actually done and figured out

3- Useful to the community, the environment, or whatever. Just useful.

4- Scientific, whether it uses physics and chemistry laws, but it has to be related to science

5- Understandable

6- (bonus.. to raise the probability of receiving 10 points) >>

Explanation: How could it be done? What information should I look for to help me do it? you know, like additional details..


Please I need good implementable ideas!!

Not really about technology.. something about chemistry or physics or anythin BUT machines..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I want you to invent a new kind of answer phone for the home that automatically detects the callers, and if it is a political call, delete it, if it is my relative, then take the call, and if it is a store, put it somewhere like into an email message or text message to my cell phone. An intelligent answer phone. I guess you would have to have options like if it is your wife, then she gets priority over all.

    Source(s): Hope you invent this. I would buy it. You have to figure out the details.
  • 1 decade ago

    well, i can't give you the ideas i'm already working on, but maybe i can give you some advice about how i come up with them.

    No machines? awwww...i don't know how much help i can be, i'm a mechanical engineering student.

    when i come up with an idea, i usually get them from my house. i just look around, and it doesn't take more then i few seconds to find something that annoys me with how it works, then i think of a way to improve that. if you could come up with a new physics or chemistry idea, you would win the nobel prize. there isn't much of a chance you could come up with something new, unless your a genius.

    what you could do is look into new technologies, and come up with useful application, before someone else does.

    BTW, the way that alot of chemistry or physics ideas are invented is from looking at machines, and seeing how you can make them better.

    lol, maybe you could define in detail how to use stem cells to design healthier foods. this might be to much research though

  • 1 decade ago

    an ISEF sounds good

    It can be made by thinking about your boyfriend.

    Just give me the 10 since I answered first in 1 hour. Nobody else will probably answer anymore.

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