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Is your power company ripping you off this month?Pacific power is?

I got my bill this month,It went from 70$ last month to 300$ this month with no change in habit.I have a wood stove not electric heat.I don't have gas just electric.I live in a small duplex and I'am blown away ny my electric bill this month.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They all are. Oil has gone way down. The bills haven't.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Yes I have 2 homes next to each other my son lives in one I the other my bill average is around 60.00 a month all year I also have wood heat that is all I use. my son the same his runs about 50.00 a month until this month mine is 216.00 and his is 166.00 he wasn't even home most the month and his heater was off no other electric nothing on I haven't used any heater or a/c ether nothing out of the normal?????? I call pacific power and they told me we have used that amount of power nothing can be done about my bill or my sons.we did not use that much power hands down! my sons bill is twice as large as it has ever been and he wasn't even home and nothing left on in the house.

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