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Dry food, canned food or leftover meals?

What's better for a dog? I've heard that canned food gives them diarrhea and that we shouldn't give different food each time. But we sometimes feed him what's left from our food and he likes it. The usual is dry food though.

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    Dogs eat meat. People food is flour products. Dogs can have fruit and veggies. Mine does.

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    Dry food is the best and you can do it along with some canned. Don't feed leftovers. That can lead to your dog being overweight which in turn can lead to all sorts of problems. Feed your dog dry twice a day and you can either mix a bit of canned in with the dry or not feed canned food at all. Just make sure you are feeding portions that are not out of control because that can lead to being overweight also. I do have to say though that a piece of something from the table every now and then won't hurt as long as your dogs stomach can handle it but it shouldn't be his/her meal and it shouldn't be large in quantity.

    If you ever change the kind of dry food your dog gets just make sure you change it gradually by adding a little of the new food to the old at a time until you completely switch over. Switching quickly can cause stomach upset and diarrhea.

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    This would no doubt be applicable to upper middle class people. Buying "sensibly" and "working out a week's meal in advance" really isn't possible for the vast majority of people these days. There are single parent families where the mother or father has to work three jobs a day, I don't imagine the parent has time to "work out a week's meal in advance". Poor people, like Canada's aboriginal people, only have a certain allowance to spend on food stuffs and the cheapest food that they have no choice but to buy are often vacuum packed, tin canned meals. Certainly where I live, Saskatchewan where more than half the year is a frigid waste-land, we can only purchase goods that have come over land in trucks. It is neither fresh nor cheap! Raising fuel prices and the fact that on farm land the top soil is being blown away in strong winds and further more local produce isn't possible any more as Saskatchewan farmers are forced to leave their farms. Yes if we're lucky here on the prairies we can have possibly six good weeks of growth period. This year though most of Canada had a very late spring and a cool summer no doubt that has greatly affected growing here.

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    I am a Vet Tech in New Mexico, and to tell you the truth, none of them are any better then one another. Both myself and me boss (which is the Vet of the practice) feed our dogs dry food mixed with canned, and you can give them leftovers as well. We feed dogs that are in the clinic chicken noodle soup, lunch meat, cheese, ice cream, yes believe it or not, if your dog is underweight give him ice has lots of calories and help.


    I can guarantee that your dog will get diarrhea if they have not ever had canned, dry or people food, but its ok..they will get used to it. Also if your dog gets diarrhea on certain types of food then he may be allergic- so just be careful.

    good luck hun

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    You could mix wet food with dry if youd like to spice it up a bit for your dog every now and then. Leftovers are fine too, but you should keep in mind whats human food (fruit roll ups, fried chicken, hamburgers- none of these if you want him/her to be healthy!) and whats just plain raw food fit for any species (fruits and veggies, meats, etc) which im sure your dog would probably love! i think in the end its up to you and how you feed your dog and what you have to offer him

  • Dry dog food would be the best out of which you asked. Once in a while a can of dog food is not going to hurt your dog but mix that in with his dry food so he don't get diarrhea from it. I also give my dog human food to, I try not to but it is so hard when she looks at me with a cute little face and wines.

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    It order of being "best" and more natural for a dog:

    1) Raw,

    2) home cooked

    3) canned

    4) dry

    Dry food does not keep teeth clean nor is it more nutritious despite claims. Canned food is very nutritious contains more meat & less carbs then dry and it doesn't casue tooth issues. Raw or homecooked is a natural diet and very well utilized by most dogs.

    Source(s): vet tech for 36 years extensive study in canine nutrition & feeding
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    use dry food. if you use leftovers your dog will just sit and beg for more while you are eating and some of the food we eat is bad for dogs. also if you use canned food the dog can choke if you don't cut it up enough.

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    High quality dry kibble or the raw diet are your best options. Canned is bad for the teeth and leftovers teach your dog to bed and are unhealthy in the long run.

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    to reduce dirrhea, mix the dry food in with some of the soft food.

    dont feed them ppl food, because it is very bad for their health, and that ALSO can cause problems to the dog, including diarrhea.

    Source(s): personal experience
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