What come first....Ranger creed or NCO creed?

ok I know both by heart but the other day we had a conversation and this question came back up. I mean I know all about Rogers Rangers but what came first. Every where I look the dates are all different. I know that both creeds were created back in 1974 but which came first. Please don't just copy and paste a website because you just went ahead and googled it cause I did that already. I need solid proof. The reason for this is because both creeds are similar. I want to know which creed stole the others words and meaning.

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    The current version of the Ranger creed dates to July of 74, but a version of it was in existence during WW2

    The NCO creed dates back to the earliest of times of the NCO. The current version is given a 1973 time period as its date.

    Go to armystudyguide.com and link to sites there or go to FM7-22.6 or DA Pam 600-25 for slight variations of bygone creeds.

    The Ranger creed either the Battalion, Regiment or "Ranger School" is still in contest of each other as late as of "today". It boiles down to which one you want to pledge allegiance with and recognize as the official version..

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    Ranger Creed Plaque

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