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What website can I purchase Minnesota Golden Gopher Hockey Socks?

I've checked the large websites such as hockeymonkey and hockeygiant. I need the socks on the player on the far left of this picture.

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    I wasn't able to find the exact socks but I found some similar including a site that will do custom socks.

    Item 430 - These guys will do custom socks.

    Also Item 430

    CORRECTION: Found 'em

    Item Number 356

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    It depends on how you look at it. You could draw a comparison by the fact that the gophers have won the wcha playoff or regular season wcha title 9 times since the 1991-1992 seaon. This indicates that they always field a good squad that has a chance to win the title every year. More often than not over this time period in the NCAA championships they choke much like the yankees have done in recent baseball playoffs. However if you base it solely on championships won this is not a good comparison as other teams have won more championships.

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    Wow! a fellow Gopher fan (I'm from International Falls) go to and buy apparel, hats-(all kinds) and lots of sales, check out the clearance section first, I just bought a hoodie, three hats with shipping for under $50. You'll will use this site many many times after you check it out.

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    probably a smaller custom sports gear site.

    try searching on google or whatever you prefer "custom hockey gear"

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    you can search this one in google, here is one i searched for you.

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