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Are there any good websites for finding liner notes and musician listings track-by-track for jazz albums?

I came of age in the 70's and used to love reading the liner notes on albums; especially trying to figure out who the musicians were that I was listening to - Is that Francisco Centeno or Abraham Laboriel or Gary King on bass? Wow, that's Wilton Felder? I thought he just played sax for the Crusaders, didn't know he played bass too! Anyway, was wondering if there is a good site where as I recall certain albums and songs I can do some research and see who played on them?


What about a site to find out by musician which albums they played on as sidemen or backing musicians?

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    Go to your library's interlibrary loan, and look the different albums on through the search engine provided. Should give you the name of the album and all the people on it.

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