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When should I be expecting my taxes to com in?

I filed them the afternoon of the 22nd or the 23rd whats the latest day I should expect them back, shouldn't it be before the 6th? I live in Sneads Ferry North Carolina I don't know if different areas make any difference


I forgot to add I also had them E-filed

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  • 1 decade ago
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    According to the IRS, you met the deadline to have them deposited on 2/6, which is next Friday. The IRS will say that your return should be received by 2/10. This is a buffer for them, because some banks hold the direct deposit over the weekend. As long as there are no errors on your return to delay the processing, you should have your refund by 2/10 at the latest, but probably on 2/6.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It should be before the 6th, but that is probably when you will get them. Everyone is having questions about their taxes this year. Most of the banks that give out the loans for the RAL are being really stingy this year. This is the first year in 10 that I haven't gotten mines right back so I am wondering when I will get mines too. ( I filed on the 26th)

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