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Has anyone rented a doppler?

If you've rented a professional heart doppler (or bought one) when did you first hear the babys heartbeat? I'm thinking about renting one but I don't want to get it too early and not be able to hear anything!


I'm not buying one I'm renting it

Update 2:

Thanks lulu I already know where I'll rent from I've been looking around alot :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I rented one from They have a variety of price range. I rented the $49/month with recorder but that was really unnecessary. I never used the recording part you can probably try a lower model. I got it around 12 weeks and I picked up the heartbeat right away and it was strong. It might be able to pick up as early as 10 weeks. Not sure. I was glad to have it because it really gave me some peace of mind during the earlier weeks before I could feel the baby kick. I'm first time preggo so I didn't know what to expect and every little pain or sudden clumsiness on my behalf left me really scared but everytime I heard the heartbeat I knew the baby was ok and that let me rest instead of running to the doctor for every small thing.

    I highly recommend it if you want to easy some of your worries. Also a hint on picking up the heartbeat at an early time is to start really close to the public hair line (maybe even below the hairline.) The baby is really small at that time and wouldn't be too far away from where the pubs are.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I rented one!

    I heard the heartbeat from 12 weeks but that's when I bought it.. It said you could pick it up from 10!

    I loved having my doppler, I even heard Ruby's heart beating an hour before I lost her.

    Go for it it's so reassuring!! The only down side is losing your baby and coming home to your doppler knowing it will no longer pick up that lovely little heart beating.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy hun I definitely recommend it - I went on Ebay - Ana Wiz, £19 a month and after 6 months it's your to keep! xxx

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  • Hi,

    I don't think my answer will be much of a help but I rented one a couple of days ago and I found the heartbeat straight but then i am 18 weeks pregnant! I admit i left it late to get one but i was nervous to get one before just in case i couldn't find it. The one i have rented is from ] and i pay £10 a month (around £5 p & p with next day delivery if you order before 2pm mon-fri).

    It says you can use my from 10-12 weeks but most midwifes don't like trying to find the heartbeat then because it is very small and hard to locate.

    You could get one but it may cause you unnecessary worry if you can't find it straight away! seems to be the best and cheapest place to rent from in the UK.

    Hope this helps!

    EDIT:- I take it you are american from the way you have displayed the due date. Ignore the as i think it maybe UK only....try a search site and look around for the cheapest prices.

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  • 1 decade ago

    oh don't buy one of those stupid 200$ ones... go to and look around for the 'angelsounds fetal doppler'.. its like 40$ all together (with shipping.. but give or take for where you live).. those work from week 12 on. i got mine at week 16 and i have never had a problem with finding my son's heart beat! my 2 year old can even find it.

    you'll have to get some kind lube type stuff. you can get a bottle of that 'ultrasound gel' that they use in the doctors office. but my husband and i had a bottle of KY that we can't use (it burns me!! isn't that crazy) so i just used that and it worked like a charm!!

    so please check into that before getting an expensive one. this is about at cheap and reliable as you'll find. and i give you my word that it works!! my husband is in IRAQ and we use it all the time so he can hear the heart beat.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I rented mine from and picked up the h/b around 10 wks.

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