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Through all of history, Even I wont deny it, there is indisputable proof that Jesus existed. Countless sightings in various religious text, muslim, even buddhist. So in all honesty, I really do believe Jesus did walk this earth. Now, what I don't agree with, is that he was the "son of god" taken in a literal sense.

All that has come of religion and the knowledge of god, is that it's word of mouth and simply you have to believe. While it's not my cup of tea...I can't disapprove of that, seeing as I feel that something like that should exist, since it gives people hope and a reason to do good things.

What I want to say is my beliefs I guess. I believe Jesus was a regular man. A good man, and someone, like others, who truly believed in his word, and wanted to allow others to see what he saw. Much like Martin Luther King Jr. The Dali Llama, Mother Theresa, etc. Amazing people who went above and beyond for their people and their beliefs.

And like them, but more so, because of the period in which he existed, he became a living legend, an eternal icon to those who started losing hope. And because of that is why we know him today. It's why I also believe the church used his name in an unjust way to sway their following and allow his martyrdom for personal gains in power.

Now I know I just said above that I believe religion is a good thing. So let me clarify....

The underlying and true meaning of religion is a good thing. A foundation of belief, that allows those hope in life. A reason to love each other and themselves, and to do things to better the world around them. And people like Jesus personified that to the fullest. They are truly deserving to be praised for all time.

Now the problem itself is again religion. While meant to be pure, it isn't by far. And that's a problem with Humanity. Religion gave people something that not even Kings, Dictators, and Warlords could attain. Power without even lifting a finger over the people. That hope, the fear of what comes after death, of "mystical" beings like Lucifer, etc. Gave those in the ranks a means to control. And because of this a single man in a robe could topple an empire in only a night.

Power corrupts plain and simple. And the functionality behind religion was too great a power. It's corrupted beyond repair even though there are those who still try to embody the original meanings.

Before you argue this think back and even to now through the bible and look again at everything that has been done.

The Crusades, Witch Hunting, The almost destruction of Rome by the Christian lord Constantine. And in the Bible, Talks of Plagues, Demons and Hell, The annihilation of the human save a few. The wars between Palastine and Israel over "holy" land. The Ji'had derived from muslim fanactics. The Destruction of Cities incurred by this "gods" wrath. Even things like Sexism can be traced to Religion. Women who had their periods were "unclean" women were tainted(yes because Eve was the one to actually take the apple according to text) and due to this they were forever punished while men still reaped the benefits of gods love. Religion even causes mass amounts of hate.

I guess what I'm saying is this...Religion in itself is a good thing. Communism was a good thing too, but because of humanity such an idea of equality could not realistically happen. And because of the potential power gains in Religion and the obvious signs as to inequality and ranking, it too is not a realistic goal in life.

I myself cannot believe in a "god" that preaches of love, while allowing his name to promote hate, murder, rape, and torture throughout history, and more so to justifying it because it was in gods name.

You can tell me he does nothing because jesus was the son of god and sacrificed himself to always forgive humans and there mistakes so we can still do as we please and use religion and "forgiveness" as an escape goat. But then to me that's even worse that you accept that.

As it is now, religion accepts his sacrifice as the go ahead to continue the way we are so long as we seek acceptance. And while I know there are those of you who truly take to hearth this mans sacrifice and live your life in a loving and just fashion, I feel that in the end, it's just not enough to justify religion, and god. Because of this sacrifice we can now kill, rape, torture, discriminate, segregate, and judge because it's ok, you follow gods will and ask for forgiveness and because of that sacrifice he has to forgive you.

Humanity in itself is a disease. While following primal instinct we become a necessary function in life and become a working part of this world, as we are now because of things like technology, ideals like sophistication, and these self given rights, laws, and justices over the world we have become a rapid spreading disease, and this is because of religion in my opinion.

From everything that happens in this world I can o


Edit-Trolls, people who try to wittly act "cool" by saying **** stupid things, please don't, I really don't give a **** what you have to say, and to add you're insignificant. Let people who will actually read this book of a post answer honestly and respond.

Update 2:

yea that was my point anon, I coulda summed it up I guess and basically said, Jesus wasn't a divine spirit incarnate, he was a man who loved his people and because of that he was forever recognized. And that the Corruption in religion and the world is due to the so called existence of a god in which we created. And unless we can identify and overcome the problem of humanity, religion will be lost and so will we.

Update 3:

From everything that happens in this world I can only say that when it comes to god, he didn't create us in his image, we created him in ours.

he exists to justify our corrupt actions.

So to end this I'll say the following. if you want to believe in the lord, or jesus, or Jehovah, or buddha, or shiva, or zeus, or allah, do it properly the way it's intended. believe in loving people, not judging them on whatever reasoning you may have. Don't hate, don't fight, don't force ideals. It's meant to give the people hope so use it for that. Give yourself hope in life and stop using religion as an escape goat for every evil deed in the world. It's meant to give you strength which also follows my beilef in the age old proven fact of the strong survive and the weak die.(Think on that one >.>)

If we can do that as a whole, then maybe Religion can finally find it's true meaning once again.

^what got cut from my book :D

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    Have read your long question in so short a time. Would say it is a very sensible and admirable summary a man can come up with history and religion.

    2 points which caught my attention. First, you concluded that Jesus is simply a good man who loved his people. Second, that religion when weighed in the balance is wanting. That religion was and is by and large not a force for lasting peace and security.

    The above points you made make sense considering the evidence or the absence of it at first glance. But let me point a thing or 2 and hope it will give you something to think about.

    Certainly world history must give us pause and make us wonder what role religion has played in the many wars that have devastated mankind and caused untold suffering. Why have so many people killed and been killed in the name of religion? The Crusades, the Inquisition, the conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Ireland, the slaughter between Iraq and Iran (1980-88), the Hindu-Sikh clashes in India—all these events certainly make thinking people raise questions about religious beliefs and ethics.

    The realm of Christendom has been noteworthy for its hypocrisy in this field. In two world wars, Catholic has killed Catholic and Protestant has killed Protestant at the behest of their “Christian” political leaders. Yet the Bible clearly contrasts the works of the flesh and the fruitage of the spirit. Regarding the works of the flesh, it states: “They are fornication, uncleanness, loose conduct, idolatry, practice of spiritism, enmities, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, contentions, divisions, sects, envies, drunken bouts, revelries, and things like these. As to these things I am forewarning you, the same way as I did forewarn you, that those who practice such things will not inherit God’s kingdom.” Yet so-called Christians have practiced these things for centuries, and their conduct has often been condoned by their clergy.—Galatians 5:19-21.

    In contrast, the positive fruitage of the spirit is described as: “love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control. Against such things there is no law.” All religions ought to be producing this kind of peaceable fruitage. But do they? —Galatians 5:22, 23.

    But why "believe in a "god" that preaches of love, while allowing his name to promote hate, murder, rape, and torture throughout history"?

    Is God uncaring and hardhearted? Many people think that the answer to that question is yes. ‘If God cared,’ they reason, ‘would not the world be a very different place?’ We look around and see a world full of war, hatred, and misery. And as individuals, we get sick, we suffer, we lose loved ones in death. Thus, many say, ‘If God cared about us and our problems, would he not prevent such things from happening?’

    Worse yet, religious teachers sometimes lead people to think that God is hardhearted. How so? When tragedy strikes, they say that it is God’s will. In effect, such teachers blame God for the bad things that happen. Is that the truth about God? What does the Bible really teach?

    James 1:13 answers: “When under trial, let no one say: ‘I am being tried by God.’ For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone.” So God is never the source of the wickedness you see in the world around you. (Job 34:10-12)

    Granted, he does allow bad things to happen. But there is a big difference between allowing something to happen and causing it.

    For example, think about a wise and loving father with a grown son who is still living at home with his parents. When the son becomes rebellious and decides to leave home, his father does not stop him. The son pursues a bad way of life and gets into trouble. Is the father the cause of his son’s problems? No. (Luke 15:11-13)

    Similarly, God has not stopped humans when they have chosen to pursue a bad course, but he is not the cause of the problems that have resulted. Surely, then, it would be unfair to blame God for all the troubles of mankind.

    God has good reasons for allowing mankind to follow a bad course. As our wise and powerful Creator, he does not have to explain his reasons to us. Out of love, however, God does this. You will learn about these reasons by examining the Holy Scriptures. But rest assured that God is not responsible for the problems we face. On the contrary, he gives us the only hope for a solution!—Isaiah 33:2.

    Further, the apostle Paul says: “If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.” (2 Tim. 2:13)

    In other words, God will carry out what he says in his written Word regardless of the fact that the hundreds of millions who claim to be Christian neither live up to the Bible nor uphold the God of the Bible. What men do can never make God false or prove God false.

    Source(s): The Holy Scriptures; sh p. 15; bh pp. 9-11
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    What you say is soooooooo... true. The thing with all types of philosophies, religions, and etc is that there are always extremists. Those are the problem makers. Crusades, Witch hunts, Jihads, French Revolution, etc all were the result of extremism. I'm not saying we should be super conservative either but we should have a balance between the two and have a n all around look at things. Just think how Captialism made such a great country out of the US it takes advantage of the people's greed and makes them compete and boost the economy. Thats why socialism and communism can't work with a giant country like China. Too many people looking out for themselves.

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    You have a few misconceptions about God & religion.

    Adam was held responsible for the fall.

    "ye shall work by the sweat of your brow, all the days of your life"

    Cast out of the garden that provided them everything.

    But It was meant to be this way.

    Because of ones mans disobedience all were made sinners.

    But because of one mans righeousness all shall be made alive. ~Christ

    God expects his followers grow to be better than we are by nature.

    Most don't. "Many are called but only a few are chosen."

    The world is going just as he planned it. Bible prophecy is amazing.

    Allah never said he was a God of love. Jehoavah is the God of love.

    No greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    Jesus did that for everyone of us. And is reconciling the world unto himself. Ask him with a sincere heart to point the truth out to you.

    He will reveal things like you've never seen them.

    Things of the bible can only be understood if you study the entire bible and pray for understanding. You have to see the big picture. And the only way to do that is to be drawn by God to believe. You will one day even if it's after your demise. The carnal man can not understand the things of God. Ask him before you read any more.

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    too long... but Jesus was real (there is historical record) but he was a philosopher not a prophet and not the messiah

    Source(s): Atheistic Atheist of Australian Atheistic Attitudes and Atheism
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    But there is no proof that Jesus ever existed.

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