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[興奮的球迷們都趕去迎接] <==翻譯成英文~

一定要用到 (thrilled) 哩個生字~ 語句要通順~

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    興奮的(足,籃,排 等等)球迷們都趕去迎接...(某球隊/員)

    The thrilled (foot-, basket-, volley-, etc)ball fans all rushed to welcome .... (name of the team/player)

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    如果是足球迷,譯football fans 或 soccer fans。如此類推。

    句尾加球隊或球員名字使意思完整,例如 L.A. Galaxy, David Beckham。

    eg The thrilled soccer fans rushed to welcome (their idol) David Beckham.

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    All thrilled ( football,baseball,basketball, tennis,etc) fans

    are dashing to welcome ( their favorite team, their super idol ___).

    All thrilled ( same as above)fans

    dashed/ were dashing

    to welcome ( same as anove). { past tense}

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    same as above

    Source(s): I am an English teacher.
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