What the best choice in my position? Pranks, parents, the law.?

My used-to-be friend has pranked me many times in the past 4 years. He took part in the TP'ing of my house, as well as percussed flower and drove someone to my house who drew a swastika on my lawn with it. (I am Jewish, therefore hate crime.) Yesterday, he drew all over my car with car paint. I wasn't too worried about it, i just got a car wash. But i felt like its been 4 years and I've never gotten him back. So me and my friend went to prank his house/car last night. We bough supplies at safeway that we were considering using and drove to his house. We saran wrapper his car in like 5 minutes, but then at around 2am a light turns on in his house and his mom walks out onto the porch to smoke a cigarette. We were basically right out in the open, so we ran away. She said, "Who's that over there? I"m calling the cops!" So we ran to a nearby school and waited there for a few minutes, checked to see if the coast was clear and got in my car. 20 seconds later, my friend says, "Drive, Drive!" And i look in my rear view mirror and see his mom trying to write down my license plate. So I floor my car and get out of the area. We drove down another street pretty far, and just waited for a bit because we weren't sure what we're going to do. A car approaches from behind, I assume its just a random car. It starts slowing down right by the side of my car, so I, again, floor my car. We end having a car chase in residential streets at around 2:15am. I was going 100mph, and his dad (who was the guy driving behind me at this point), kept up--without any problems. I tried losing him in back-streets, but I felt like it was too dangerous to keep doing this is neighborhoods, so i got on the nearest freeway. We ended up going 105 on the freeway for 20-30 minutes, about 40 miles of driving (with different maneuvers trying to lose him). Only then did he leave.

Now his dad is planning to call the cops, or tell my parents about it. The only damage done (if you can call it damage) to their property is saran wrap on my friends car (which they did to someone else's car earlier that day). But we left all of our supplies on the sidewalk when we left. We had basic supplies, like toilet paper and straws, but we also had a bottle of ketchup. They said that they were worried that we were planning to put ketchup on one of their cars, because I ketchup ruins the paint of cars.

We were never planning to do that. We probably weren't even going to use it. But if we had chosen to use it, it would have just been on their driveway or something where it could easily be washed off.

So, he told me that if I want this to be over, and his family to leave me alone, I have to pay him $100 and apologize to his dad (for what? for running away from him?).

What's the best course of action for me to take?


I saved the Text message where he said that I can pay him $100. But I also don't want to get my parents or the cops involved (my parents would take away my car knowing that I had been driving at over 100mph on residential streets on a weeknight).

Update 2:

Oh and It should probably be noted, that after the time where he basically caused the TP'ing of my house a long with the swastika on the lawn and spray painting of my flowers (he says it's not his fault since he didn't do any of it, but he is the one who purchased the flower, and he is the one who drove people to my house), my dad was going to file a police report because he doesn't want more damage happening to our property. I didn't want my friend to get a hate crime (felony charge, right?) so I talked to my dad and asked him what we can do instead. My dad wanted my friend to donate $150 to goodwill and write an apology letter with a parent's signiature.

This is where I believe he is getting the idea.

Update 3:

In reply to: "Tell you friend to stop being a douche bag and man up to his parents."

I did tell him that, I told him that even though what he's done to me is way worse than what I've done to him, we can be even. And just forget about this. But he replied by saying, "My dad didn't chase you for nothing."

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    What he did was vandalism, causing property damage. What you did didn't cause damage, so wouldn't you rather have your"friend" do some community service, than give him a C note? And, also an adult chasing a minor in a car, I believe is ILLEGAL, and possibly assault with a motor vehicle, which is way worse than saran wrap.So, you should tell your parents just what happened, before they find out from someone else, and let your dad decide if he wants to pursue charges.

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    That's extortion for one...black mail. An apology I can understand -- the $100...no.

    What's up with your friend -- why is he being such a panzy? Why doesn't he tell his parents to chill out?

    You have my answer:

    apology - ok

    money - nope


    Whatever dude -- it's not like you destroyed the dad's house/lawn. You put saran wrap around your friend's car. Big difference b/n swastika in the lawn and toilet paper all over the house/gutters/trees.

    Tell you friend to stop being a douche bag and man up to his parents.

    Or stand up to him...he can't tell your parents you were driving 100 mph b/c he was chasing you. He also can't make a big stink about it b/c he is trying to extort money from you.

    If your buddies dad had any sense of responsibility, he would've let you guys go when you started driving reckless...but he didn't -- he's acting like a kid...not a father and responsible adult.

    I say tell your friend to stop being a Sheila.


    He sounds like a prick. Apologize -- tell him money isn't part of YOUR deal. Tell him it was a prank...nothing more...you meant no disrespect or concern. What was the ketchup for? The windshield away from the paint -- you were going to write a message...like gotcha or something. You can also tell him about the most recent damage at your house and you were just getting him back. That's what your friend gets for keeping his trap closed and not helping. Simple.

    As far as speeding goes -- don't be retarded...too many of my friends died in high school just having fun on the town...you're not invincible and things happen in a hurry (and that includes old men or young mom's crossing the street to while walking their dogs in residential neighborhoods). Not smart.

    good luck

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    do you really need to ask such a stupid question?

    number 1: he is obviously not your friend at this point. what kind of a hypocrite have you been hanging out with? ****... learn to pick your friends more carefully. heres a hint when you know your friend is a total douchebag. when he leaves a ****** SWASTIKA by your house !

    number 2: you have an option of scaring them off with what they did to your house. if they are actually SOOOO ******* STUPID to push this bullshit $100 and apology on you, then take them to court. yes, court. i highly believe , that if you won't win, it'll at least get thrown out and no one will have to pay anything.

    "my dad didn't chase you for nothing" LMFAO

    buddy... your friend is a selfish, egotistical moron. do you walk around with a blindfold or what?

    man you should be pissed off. if you arn't then you clearly are not comprehending this situation properly. do you even understand how incredibly unfair this is to you? this is absolutely disgusting, why do you let people treat you like such ****?

    not only should you not pay but he should be apologizing to YOU. ****, use your common sense.

    the ONLY reasonable compromise which i can think of is where you both apologize to each other for being idiots and stop pranking each other afterwords. the "friendship" will remain

    Peace and Good Luck.

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    Comparing bug spray to contraception? lol Comparing a baby to a bloodsucking tick? lol If she did not want the fetus inside her, than why did she let the man stick something else inside her. Be responsible and stop taking the easy way out. Wouldn't it be nice to just kill anything or anyone we feel is sucking the life out of us. Also, just because the life that is half yours and half the fathers is incubating inside you does not mean that the woman should have all the say. What about the father's rights? He is entitled to the life he helped create isn't he?

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    Flip him off.

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