Is Christian religion and Wicca religion true?

I'm just asking and is Wicca really true? i mean really how do you become one?...

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    Wicca is a religion of light, Christianity is a religion of darkness. It is evil and its followers are brainwashed and blinded by lies and hatred. Their souls are locked away in darkness, and are consumed with evil.

    They spread evil lies to suck converts into their bottomless pit of evil and hatred as clearly displayed by several answers above.

    Wicca and the pagan religions are the way of the future, a much more brighter, more tolerant society. Christianity is dying, and so it should, it belongs in the dark ages.

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    The new testament says to love one another, love your enemies, etc. Unfortunately, the various churches have used the religion to gain personal & political power. To do this, they started by putting down every other religion as evil. They took the Wiccan holidays & turned them into their own to make it easier & more acceptable for people to convert. Then they persecuted those who didn't convert. For a LONG time, Wiccans would go to christian churches & pretend to be christian because that's what it took not to be persecuted. If you look at a lot of the really old cathedrals, you can find pagan symbols in the art & architecture, because the pagans were conscripted into building them. Most Christians don't seem to know the history of their own religion - or they ignore it. My parents do. You DO realize that not all Christians hate Wicca, just as not all Wiccans are peaceful, right?

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    Yes, Wicca is really, truly, a religion. I suspect you have some funny ideas of what Wicca is though. How do you become a Wiccan?? You believe in, honor, and form a relationship with, the Wiccan gods. Wicca is not about witchcraft and spells as many people mistakenly think, it is primarily about the gods. Every ritual and mystery in Wicca is centered around the gods and our relationship with them, and their relationship with the universe.

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    Wicca is a true religion, yes, but I suspect, based on the wording of your question, that you assume we're about something other than worshiping our gods.

    If you're not in it for the gods, please don't bother.

    Edit: Alas, the very word Wicca draws nonsense from alleged Christians like rotting meat draws vultures, or the sound of ambulances draws sleazy lawyers...with about the same level of ethical expertise, too. These "Christians" are willing to lie and promote the lies of others to "save" you. I'm sure Jesus *loves* that.

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    It is just a parable.

    Okay look, the whole goal of religion as fair as I can tell is:

    Number 1) Helping others endlessly is called a living in a state of Grace, the bible says: every good deed will by returned to you 10 fold. By overcoming (self)-centeredness, the universe will respond step in and plant a spiritual seed to help you know who really are.

    Number 2) You should realize Christianity comes form the occult, and if you are able to learn magick succusfullly you could pull off some pretty amazing feats....(Wicca may help with this)....subtle energy healing is one of my favorites It's not about right or wrong. It's about what you think YOU should create. It's always been about who YOU are

    Everything else is just white-wash that will go out with the tide.

    Source(s): I'm not a christian, I'm a New Ager...just pointing out things I know
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    Wicca is an Old English word - wicca (male), wicce (female). It also meant; wizard, sorcerer, or magician. The word Wicca came to prominence through Gerald Gardner (retired English civil servant) in his book ‘Witchcraft Today’(1954). He said he had been initiated into a surviving tradition of English witchcraft by members of a New Forest coven in the south of England. Witchcraft has been practiced for thousands of years and majors in the use of magic. This is the attempt to control the behaviour of nature &/or people by use of rituals, spells, hexes, voodoo etc. The effectiveness of this magic is dependent upon the use of demonic power and is condemned by the Bible. Before you get more involved in the occult I suggest you read 'From Witchcraft to Christ' by Doreen Irvine (

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    Your answer is amusing Candide. I'd give you a thumbs up but you're being a bit contentious.

    Anyways. No, Wicca is not true. How do I know? Well I've tried it for one. Heck I might have a pentagram necklace somewhere still. Incense smells nice... But you don't have to be Wiccan to be able to use incense!

    What is true is everything you'll find on this website:

    Basically Mormons believe that the church during Jesus Christ's ministry is the way that it should be still today. Seems pretty logical to me!

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    January 30


    “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.” John 14:6


    Materialism says, “Buy your way out.” The politician says, “Legislate.” The army says, “Fight.” Industry says, “Work.” The philosopher says, “Think.” But Jesus says, there’s no way out but through Me. Jesus will save you by His grace, and He’ll save you all by Himself or you won’t be saved at all. When you are saved by the grace of God, you are saved instantly, and you are saved eternally. Your goodness is not enough to save you, and your badness is not enough to keep you away. Jesus loves you so much that He died to save you.

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    The former I can get behind, the latter is laughable.

    Wooo woooo down thumbs train from overweight wannabe pagans.

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