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Trivia: Heaven Must Have Sent Me An "Angel"?

"Feeling blessed? See if you can get your wings by answering these questions all related to the word angel. It's a general mix, with an American bias on a few."

1. In modern culture the celebration of angels is frequently associated with the Christian faith though it's found in many religions including Judaism and Islam. Which of the following is NOT one of the angels mentioned in the Bible?





2. Mmmm...who among us could refuse a slice of angel food cake. I know I couldn't. Which is NOT a classic ingredient in this delicious dessert?





3. Tall, dark and brooding, this Angel played by David Boreanz in the show of the same name isn't an angel at all. What kind of dangerous creature is he?

Purple People Eater




4. In baseball the major league team the Angels has undergone several name changes in their franchise history. Which is NOT a team name they have gone by?

Los Angeles Angels

California Angels

Pasadena Angels

Anaheim Angels

5. In 1905 E.M. Forster published his novel " Where Angels Fear To Tread". The title comes from the line "For fools rush in where angels fear to tread" found in "An Essay On Criticism". What famous 18th century poet coined that celebrated line?

John Keats

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Ben Jonson

Alexander Pope

6. Who can forget the touching ending of "It's A Wonderful Life" when the townsfolk sing "Auld Lang Syne" and, upon hearing a bell ring, George Bailey thinks of an angel friend getting his wings and says what line?

Attaboy, Cornelius!

Attaboy, Clancy!

Attaboy, Christopher!

Attaboy, Clarence!

7. Angel has appeared in many titles of songs including four top ten American hits simply as "Angel". Which of these recording acts have NOT had an American top ten hit with "Angel"?


Sarah McLachlan


The Beatles

8. Not all angels have a blessed life. Angel in the Broadway play "Rent" displays an irrepressible spirit despite being a homeless drag queen suffering from AIDS. He receives an odd request from a lady in a limosine. What did it entail?

Killing a dog

Tasting her pills

Piercing her ears

Providing her with some Grey Poupon

9. Along with the goldfish and the guppy, one of the most popular aquarium fish is the angelfish. Do you know where this cool-looking fish originated?

The basins of the Amazon River

The Orange-Limpopo river drainage in South Africa

The Sea of Philippines and South Pacific Ocean

The delta of the Mekong River

10. As a child, nothing could keep me from going outside on a snowy day to make snow angels. How does one make a snow angel?

Give your friend wings with a surprise snowball to the back

Build a snowman with a halo

Lie on the ground and fan your arms and legs

Configure snowballs in a diamond shape on the lawn

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    4)Pasadena Angels

    5)Alexander Pope

    6)Attaboy Clarence

    7)The Beatles

    8)killing a dog

    9)The Basins of the Amazing river

    10)Lie on the ground and fan your arms and legs.

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