GIRLS-define HOT GUYS physically & personality wise?

How does a really really hot guy look like and how does he act?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    okay, so a hot guy to me?

    - cute hair, has to have nice hair (:

    -amazing eyes and smile

    -nice fashion scence

    -nice clear skin

    -nice body

    -taller than me but not like a frickin giant or watever

    -has to be really sweet and cute

    -confordent in his own skin

    -im his everything but hes not to clingy



    -no bad history!


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  • 3 years ago


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  • Traci
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    4 years ago

    1) Whether her body language signals self confidence. Overall body shape, fitness. Most important "details": Hair and eyes. 2) Self confidence. Is she open and smart? Can she discuss her opinions? 3) Too fat or too thin, and she is probably not fit. As long as she is fit, weight does not matter too much. 4) A smell telling that she has been smoking recently. A neglected body. 5) Not able to take any counterarguments, expecting everyone to agree with her. 6) That you can talk about anything with her. 7) How can a girl be hot if she is brainless? 8) Never done it, but not had many chances either. Some girls of other races were wonderful, but unfortunately they were taken. 9) To look girly, but behave like a tomboy. Show that you have kept the playful girl in you. But you must be yourself. If you are not that kind of girl, you cannot act as one. 10) Assume that Ibecause I am a man I am only interested in sex. 11) Sexy. No doubt at all by me. 12) I think I would define these word different from you, so I don't take the chance to answer. 13) Not my first choice, but it could attract some extra interest under the right circumstances. It would need some talent to do it well, but if you managed you would have shown talent. 14) The same. 15) I am tall and have not had a chance. I have always been more attracted to smaller girls, but married one well above average and convinced her she looked gorgeous in high heels. 16) Same as 13 and 14. You would probably improve your chance by me if you took if off. 17) Yes. She can very well be quite big if she is fit, but I don't like flabs. 18) Both. Spontaneous girls tend tohave a talent for being romantic when needed. 19) Somewhat shy. 20) Relationship. There is so much more we can do if we know each other. 21) If I could find a strength behind that I could address. 22) Not when she was depressed. If she later turned out to be often depressed, I would stay by her. But I would involve myself so much that there is a certain risk that I would end up being drained myself. 23) No problem. But most girls can improve their looks by a careful use of makeup.

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  • 1 decade ago

    a hot guy there really isn't a real answer because everyone looks at everyone in different ways if you looking just for fun then Prolly abs and bone structure and nice hair but when it comes to love then it reallydoesn'tt matter what they look like you love then no matter what bald fat ugly too thin bad taste in clothes really the cloths part you can prolly change but when you love someone to them you are the hottest most gorgeous person serious im tryin something new right now im kindof in a relationship right now and the guy is def. not a 10 or a 8 but to me his personality makes him a 10 idk ththat'sow i am now before i was all about the apappearancend i gt hurt to many time by asass holeut you have to be some what attracted to the person or it wont work

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    most importantly, the guy should be confident and happy with himself!

    he should be confident (and i find a tough of cockiness attractive) but definately not arrogant.

    he should DEFINATELY act the same with me when we are alone as to when his mates are there too (not all cold and ignoring me)

    sense of humour is vital for most girls, and generally optimistic and good fun to be girl wants to be with a guy who moans all the time, or is constantly complaining or even someone who is constantly judging or mocking others

    also, you can judge a person by their friends, so if a guy hangs around with a nice crowd, they are intsantly more appealing!

    no drugs!!!!

    looks wise..i am attracted to guys with nice eyes, dark hair, good hairstyle but not over worked. clear skin, nice smile. kissable lips.

    good body (not lanky) but also no overworked like a gym freak (six packs are a turn off!)

    he must have decent feet too! haha

    hope this helps!!

    most importantly.....BE YOURSELF! dont try to be someone your not, cos you cant keep it up forever, and you will look and feel like an idiot!

    good luck babe!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry to give you the wrong kind of response, but, you don't want to try and become this so called "hot guy" you should be yourself man! Also remember that you've never met these people online so their opinion of a hot guy could be a penguin in hotpants.

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  • 1 decade ago

    a hot guy to me

    LOOKS: tall, solidly built -not a string bean but not real big either- great eyes, a nice smile, good hair

    PERSONALITY: trustworthy, one who has a way of making you feel like you're the only one in the world, one who'll do random things w/me and be crazy w/me, one who doesnt care about his personal appearance too much (not slovenly of course, but not lookin like hes gonna step out of GQ either) a hard worker, good listener....all this and more makes a guy so hot and irresistable to me. (a hot guy working on cars...covered in grease...mmmmmmm)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    nice hair

    nice smile/ eyes

    clear skin

    taller than me

    sense of style

    hot body!



    good sense of humor

    not self-centered

    outgoing, but can be laid back

    doesn't act different with you around his friends

    drug free

    not a cheater or a liar

    not too clingy. [:

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    A little cocky towards guys he feels threatened by,

    Secretly a sweetheart,

    Can take care of me but likes to let me try it myself first,

    They type who will knock a guy out for hitting a girl,

    Borders on the edge of respectful and just a tad bit naughty but not enough to do anything inappropriate

    Fun to be around - likes to have friends over,

    Loves to spend alone time with just you,

    Most of all he can find that balance between being able to be that fun guy everybody loves but still be that one guy YOU love...

    My husband. :)

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  • 3 years ago


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