Why does my skin turn red and blotchy when I'm hot or nervous?

For about 4 1/2 years now my skin has been turning red and blotchy when I'm nervous, upset, hot, or for no reason. It also happens when I'm taking a shower or when the sun is shining directly on my skin. This mainly happens on my knees, chest, and neck. No one I know can tell me why this is happening because no one I know has this problem which makes it embarrassing. I've gone to a dermatologist but all he could tell me was to take beta blockers which helps my nerves (which only happen because I'm afraid my skin will do this) but this doesn't help for when I'm taking a shower or in the sun. It sucks because the only way I'll wear a tank top or dressy top in public is if I know the situation ahead of me. I don't have fair skin so I don't think my complexion has to do with it. I also know it's not hives or rosacea, it's just red and blotchy and hot to the touch. I just want to be like a normal girl! Does anyone know what's going on or what I can do about it?

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    I am not sure what it is without seeing you in person, so best to check with your doctor -- and you need to find one that specializes in Eczema or knows a lot about skin conditions, not the average doctor that gets 8 hours of continuing credits each year in several subjects, not skin conditions Pe Se.

    This is how they treat it in Japan. It works in the United States, I have met a little kid that used ot have it, but has had 2.5 PH acidic water treatments to his skin for the past year,and it went away after about 6 weeks, but needs to get the acidic water when it reappears.

    I am using this on a friend who has had this condition for over 40 years, and nothing else worked, he has been using it for 3 weeks now, it is starting to improve, it will take another 5 months to get rid of it.


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    You can get the water by placing a wanted add in http://craigslist.com and ask for 8.5 PH water. The same machine that will make 8.5 PH drinking water usually will make the 2.5 PH acidic water to kill bacteria and treat psoriasis.

    Good Luck!

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    skin turn red blotchy hot nervous

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