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White house staff? Secretary of defense? and so on?

I'm a young girl trying to get into politics and was hoping someone can tell me who they are. I know the vice president and his wife. Secretary of defense. But I know I'm missing important government officials. Is there a website with a list? I went to the white house website but was only a little helpful. thank you

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    Sec. of health and human services- Tom Daschle

    Wife is a lobbyist.

    He is an advisor for a lobbyist law firm, who represents health

    care industry's most powerful, before the department he's

    going to lead.

    Chief of homeland security- Janet Napolitano

    wants open borders(way to keep us safe)

    amnesty for illegal immigrants(good way to over load our

    already struggling economy...more welfare recipiants.

    Head of commerce- Penny Pitzker

    Was on the board of Chicago's Superior bank,which went

    under because of the same subprime loans Obama

    complains about.

    Treasury Secretary- Timothy Geithner

    Did not pay social security or medicare taxes for 4yrs.,

    despite being told to do so.(This is who I want in charge of

    the clean-up and oversight of the IRS)

    Secretary of State- Hillary Clinton

    Hubby's foundation received massive donations from Arab

    gov. in the mid-east.

    How well is she going to negotiate, when her hubby's

    foundation has been bankrolled by the same nations she

    must negotiate with.

    Attorney General- Eric Holder

    Helped in the pardon for Marc Rich,who's wife

    was a huge democratic party donor.

    Pushed for clemency of 16 FALN terrorists who killed 6,

    are tied to more than 130 bombings, and 100's of injuries.

    Head of CIA- Leon Panetta

    NO intelligence experience(CIA= central INTELLIGANCE


    NO counter-terrorism experience( and he is supposed to

    protect us against terrorists, this appointment will only

    embolden Al Queda)

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    the subject is that not sufficient people have left the White abode! Staffers and cupboard contributors are the top occasion of the "Peter theory" it quite is all and sundry is promoted to the factor the place they attain a point of incompetence. people weren't appointed to positions in the White abode and government in accordance with advantage ("Brownie," Rumsfeld, Condi, Wolfowitz, Gonzales, etc. etc.) They have been appointed totally on blind loyalty to Bush & Co. I even have genuinely no appreciate for anybody who works in this government - they have shown time and time lower back how incompetent and ignorant all of them are!

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    Here is a link with a list of Cabinet positions.

    This list has sub-cabinet nominations and appointments.

    This is a list of White House Liasons (you may have to click the link inside of article).

    Hope some of this helps.

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    The White House website has a complete list of all cabinet and cabinet-level officials.

    It's there.

    Click around.

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