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The NFL Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Year is announced!!!!?

Joe Flaaco wins rookie of the year do you agree with this pick yes or no.

Honelsy no HE didnt do crap in the playoffs it was all his defence Matt Ryan should have won that hands down but because flacco got farther in the playoffs he wins what kind of crap is that and dont say flacco didnt have a WR because he had 2 that i know of derrick mason and todd heap and they had a decen t dunning game so flacco was clearly ON a better team so why did he win when even steve slaton was more deserving


Do i need to add the bears game the falcons had who else can do that

Update 2:

Um last year we had the crappy Oline we made 1 change so your excuse is like really not doing anything dude at all. we had not one single proven player for all we knew white could have been a fluke and turner could have too while as the ravens have proved that tose players can step up

Update 3:

mark in case you dont remember the falcons went 4-12 last year so i think matt ryan gets more credit in that department

Update 4:

and flacco had ray lewis nigata ed reed chris mcalister fabian washington do i need to kep going on that one

Update 5:

and seriously name soemthing good jenkins did dbesides ryans first pass and the bears game o wait thats it

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    I think Steve Slaton was the best rookie he was a 3rd rounder for crying out loud. He ran for 1000+ yards behind a bad O line. Anyway Ryan has Jenkins and White and Turner at RB and his O line is good. So Flacco deserved it he made the timely throws thats why his team was still alive. Todd Heap? He did nothing this season. Other Baltimore QBs like Boller couldn't even get the ball to Mason so thats a tribute to how good Flacco has been.

    Source(s): I see your a Falcons fan though. That explains your opinion.
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    LOL you think Todd Heap is a good receiver. He has 35 catches this year, that's it. Around 2 a game. He's a blocking TE.

    Mason isn't very good either. He only had a good amount of catches because he was targeted a lot. He isn't a top 30 receiver.

    Ryan had a top 5 receiver (Roddy White), and a big target in Michael Jenkins, not to mention the 2nd leading rusher in the NFL. He is a product of his team to a point.

    how is the 4-12 turnaround a legitimate argument? If I remember correctly, the Ravens were 5-11 last year. Both teams were 11-5 this year. Just a 1 game difference.

    EDIT- Michael Jenkins did pretty good for a secondary receiver. 50 catches for 700+ yards.

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    need i remind you flacco won 2 playoff games as a rookie, no rookie QB has ever done that. thats why he won. what did Ryan do? NOTHING he looked awful lot like a rookie in that arizona game. Are you high??? michael turer was the best running back in the nfl so dont even say baltimore has a running game compared to atlanta. and he doesnt have any good receivers mason is an old piece of crap and heap is a tightend stupid. and roddy white is going to hawaii. matt ryan is crap. and all in all atlanta was a better team and they still went one and done cuz matt ryan failed when it mattered the most

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    MVP- Tom Brady. Nobody has passing numbers like Brady, plus he's leading the best team in the NFL into the playoffs. idc if Vick can run the ball, Brady wins like nobody's business and when you win you deserve the MVP award. now, Vick has done great w/ the Eagles, but just try to imagine the Pats being this good w/o Brady, it's impossible. Rookie of the Year- Ndamukong Suh. not even close, he looks like a veteran when he plays. he's outstanding. Coach of the Year- Todd Haley. You tell me another coach that deserves it more than him. the Chiefs lost 12, count em, 12 games last year. and this year they have 10 (maybe 11 if they beat the Raiders next week) wins. Haley should win coach of the year

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    He won because it is a popular vote not voted on by select experts like the NFL rookie of the year.

    The NFL got it right Matt Ryan was the rookie of the year.

    -- Edit

    Sorry it just can't be a RB. RB is the easiest position to play in NFL and QB is the hardest especially for a rookie. If there is a rookie QB who plays well they will always get the award over a RB.

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    no he didnt deserve it matt ryan did he great leader huge comback etc but flacco turned around to ravens were 5-11 in 07 now 2008 11-5 so thats an amazing turnaround so yes flacco sort of deserved it

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    no tht was diet pepsi rookie of the year

    the AP gave matt ryan the rookie of the year!

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